The Best Part Of Harry Potter 7 Begins Infinity Blade III

As a more casual Harry Potter enthusiast, the best moment in the entire movie series was The Tale of the Three Brothers, an animated aside from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Chair creative director Donald Mustard liked it as well, so he hired the animation company that made it to summarise the series in this opening cinematic for Infinity Blade III.

With two games and two novels preceding Infinity Blade III, players have a lot of catching up to do before the final game in the series launches on September 18. During an interview about the game earlier this week, I asked Mustard if new players would have trouble with the lore.

This video is his answer.

Chair enjoyed the work of science fiction author Brandon Sanderson, so Donald approached him and asked him to write the series’ novels, Awakening and Redemption. They enjoyed the work of acclaimed animation director, Ben Hibbon and Axis Animation, so they tapped them to create this wonderful opening, titled “Infinity Blade: Origins.”

The point here is, if you make something Donald Mustard and the Chair team might like, you never know when he’ll show up. I like to imagine he has a list. Maybe he’ll like this article!

For reference, here’s the scene from Harry Potter 7-A.

Infinity Blade III hits iOS on September 18.


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