The Best Spot In All Of ArmA III

The Best Spot In All Of ArmA III

Altis, the main island in ArmA III, is huge, but one might think it’s just a big, homogenous natural environment — nothing compared to, say, GTA V. It’s not like that at all: the map has its own share of unique locations, like this solar tower featured in YouTuber Kyle B’s video, which is perfect for a little bit of fun.

Check out the whole video below:

Threading the Needle [YouTube]

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  • I’m slightly annoyed, I did a beautiful run through a hangar barely wider than the plane with an obstruction right outside so I had to do a sharp pullup at the end. I thought that was pretty impressive but this is way cooler.

    This is like getting a platinum medal in trials evolution and looking at the leaderboard to find that the best people are still doing it 10 seconds faster than you.

    • Computers can’t run proper fluid dynamics without hours of preparation just for a 10 second event. Turbulence would definitely be an issue in RL.

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