Call Of Duty Mega Bloks Are Coming. Let's Build A Set.

Following successful outings with World of Warcraft and Skylanders, Mega Bloks completes the holy trinity of Activision properties with Call of Duty collector construction sets. Want to watch me put one together?

Due out later this year, Call of Duty collector construction sets are a premium line, with an emphasis on fine detail to recreate iconic scenes from the franchise, like "that time the one guy said that thing about your mother" and "remember that one time with the raft?"

Most of my Call of Duty memories involve being shot in the head by people much more skilled at Call of Duty than I, so building a raft out of plastic blocks is definitely a step up.

The details are rather nice, at least. The boat is a bit plain, but the engine is pretty awesome. The new figures are ridiculously articulated for pieces so small, with two pieces for each leg and arm and separate belts. Putting together a tiny machine gun out of five separate pieces is just bonkers.

Call Of Duty Mega Bloks Are Coming. Let's Build A Set.

They're a bit generic military, but then so is Call of Duty, so they fit together nicely.

For more info on the upcoming sets, visit the Call of Duty Mega Bloks website.

Video music is "Inspiration" from the soundtrack to Boxcat Games' Nameless: The Hackers RPG, available now for the iPhone.


    cash cow cash cod

    Mega Bloks huh....Looks kinda like a poor man's LEGO to me.

    Two thirds of those images involve vehicles, which you can't use at all in multiplayer. Seems kind of funny for a game who's only real purpose is quick easy multiplayer.

    Funny thing is, minus licensing, they could've just as easily been Battlefield or ARMA Megablocks.

    wonder if they will release a "new" set every year, same pieces all new colour scheme

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