Let's Face It: GTA V Is Basically Breaking Bad

I didn't know here was a bad side to watching Breaking Bad, yet here's Late Night's Jimmy Fallon weighing in with his pros and cons. Los Santos County and Trevor's little business in GTA V already have a lot in common with AMC's drama, but this will end all doubts.

The biggest con though — if there's any — is that there's only one episode left.

Pros and Cons: Watching Breaking Bad [[email protected]]


    Let's Face It: This "article" was only made because it referenced GTA5

    Man, I can't believe Jimmy Fallon is still a tv personality. He is terrible.

      Nah man. You've gotta let him grow on you, I've been watching jimmy fallon since he started on late night and while he started off awkward and nervous he has come into his own as a host and has some really funny moments

        I watch his show semi-frequently. I will always find him to be a bad host.

    Let's face it: GTA V is NOTHING like Breaking Bad.
    It features a meth business and referenced (stole?) it's signature time-lapse. That's it.

    Let's face it, Georgo Vas "articles" suck.

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