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Thanks to everyone who had a guess at yesterday's HaiTaku. It was, in actual fact Bomberman. Some folks cleverly made the Dynablaster connection, but that was just my rubbish attempt at a vague reference. So congrats to Liondrive and everyone else who guessed correctly.

Today's effort comes from Pokedad, who emailed me yesterday with a ton of haikus. Thanks for that! And good luck everyone else!

Disc floats upon air Why are we all such monsters? Stop rolling that eye

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

    Cosmos cosmic adventure

    I didn't expect you'd post this one. It's pretty hard.

    I'm proud of this one!

    Guessing an SMT game?

    Digital Devil Saga?

    EDIT: Nocturne?

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