The First Trailer For Mew-Genics Is A Honky-Tonk Science Experiment

Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen emailed out the first-ever trailer for Mew-Genics in the wee hours of the morning, and while he admits it’s a bit of a tease — nope, no gameplay yet — he does hope it will convey something about the upcoming Super Meat Boy follow-up. Specifically it’s that it has something to do with cats, I think.

Since we’ve yet to see what the game actually looks like in action, this old-timey honky-tonk science experiment of a trailer will have to do. The game’s soundtrack, including this gem, is by Ridiculon, by the way.

In his email, McMillen promised that Mew-Genics features cat breeding, fighting, hoarding, racing, and pageanting, and called it “a randomly generated game that gives back the more you play it.”

Mew-Genics is a crazy cat lady simulator,” he wrote. “The best one ever made!” It’s out next year, but expect to see more on the game soon, as it’s finally playable this weekend at PAX. And if you’re there, you can stop by their booth to get a copy of the new Mew-Genics activity and comic book.

Update: According to Polygon Mew-Genics won’t be playable this weekend after all. I’ve asked Edmund to confirm that and will update this post when I hear back.

Update 2: McMillen says that while Mew-Genics isn’t playable at PAX, Team Meat is there “showing the trailer off and letting people put their faces inside cats asses while we give them free comics.”


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