The First Trailer For The Need For Speed Movie Is... Intense

This is our first look at the upcoming Need for Speed starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and it's... definitely something.

Maybe it's the music, maybe it's the slow motion, maybe it's the super verbose monologue, but this all seems ludicrously heavy duty for a movie based on a game about bros in cars going really really fast.

But you know what? When I'd rather a video game movie be a little bit pretentious as opposed to condescending, patronising or popcorn cookie cutter garbage, so I'm going to say I'm cautiously optimistic about this one.

I'm in. I'll watch it.

Via Neon Maniacs


    You mispelt awful.

    Sorry to those interested, but this looks like a quick buck being made on the popularity of the franchise, the popularity of Aaron Paul, and the masses that enjoy the Fast and Furious movie.

    By all means though, if this interests you... hopefully it's a fun ride, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

      It looks exactly like what I expected (ie: typical car film), but I hope i'm wrong and the script gives Aaron Paul room to move. He's actually a very talented actor, and I suspect he will be wasted on this movie.

    I'm kind of surprised to see him take the lead in a movie so soon after Breaking Bad. In his recent reddit AMA it seemed like he was constantly fretting about unemployment. I wonder how long this has been in the works.

    Anyway, I hope his character here isn't just Jesse Pinkman 2.0. While I can easily see a movie based on a game that is primarily about driving very fast away from the police consisting largely of "Bitch" and "Yo", he doesn't want to lock himself into being typecast.

    But yeah, I dunno. The movie will probably be The Fast and the Furious level at best.

      Maybe on looking back at the NFS movie, he realised his chances of employment wouldnt be high

      James Wan is directing the next Fast & Furious.

      Finger's crossed for tonnes of ghosts.

        Fingers crossed for a hacksaw and severed limb, featuring.

    this all seems ludicrously heavy duty for a movie based on a game about bros in cars going really really fast.
    This. I wasn't expecting that, so I don't really know what to think of this movie. Little bit unenthused about it.
    Though if I were to look at it optimistically, I'd say it could be good because they're not just riding off the success of the franchise but trying to do something new with it?

    Explosions - Check.
    Cop chases - check.
    Cars spinning impossibly in the air - check.

    Seems like Fast & Furious with supercars. I can probably deal with that.

      17 speed transmissions? - Nope

      Therefore NOT an FF movie ;-)

    I Agree with the rest of the statements, this movie looks horrible probably worse than drive angry and that movie was the worst movie I have ever seen.

    Looks good to me!

    But then again anything with a nice Mustang in it looks good to me...

    Needs more aliens

    I would love it if this film brings across the dreamlike cutscenes from NFS Most Wanted.

    Of all the things Aaron Paul could have gone on to after Breaking Bad he had to choose this garbage? So sad.

    Sorry EA but the best NFS is still the original Most Wanted so it doesn't look like NFS to me without a ridiculously overdone colour-cast. Movie looks too neutral.

    The Prometheus theme song just makes this even more cheesy..

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