The First Xbox One TV Commercial Has...No Video Games In It

Behold, the very first North American TV commercial for the Xbox One. You will note, by the time you get to the end, that there are no video games in it.

Time to get upset? Reminder: the Xbox One exists to make Microsoft money. If you give a shit about the Xbox One and you're reading this site, you don't need a TV commercial to sell you (or unsell you) on the machine.

So...hence TV commercials about football, for people who like football, and who will be watching football all weekend, and who may not know about the Xbox One, because football season is back.

Go Niners.


    You will note, by the time you get to the end, that there are no video games in it.

    Just as Microsoft has always wanted :)

      0:12 they've put in some unventilated wall shelf, that could eventually break the product. Dude that guy at the end has a TV outdoors. wow, this console is so bro.

    Most of Sony's PS3 ads didn't show games either.
    Just bizarre plastic babies that creeped everyone out.

      Hush, Steven! Don't you know it's trendy to hate on Xbox One? You'll ruin it all with your facts!

      Sony's best ever commercial was thousands of people running to the center of town having a huge pile on for some reason, it looked fun as hell and Carman Miranda's 'iy iy iy' played in the background. It was an awesome ad that didn't even feature a televesion or a console of any kind, let alone any games. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the ad anywhere online. But here's the song:

      And the best Xbox ad ever also has a startling lack of any video games:

        You mean this advertisement:

          Bingo! It's such a great ad huh?

            I agree! It's my fave.

              I bought that song. Got it on my iPhone, it began a real interest in her as an artist. They'd don't make em like her anymore, unfortunately.

    Somewhat relevant but I've seen the argument thrown around a lot since this ad appears that this proves that the Xbox One is not for gamers.

    What a silly argument, not for gamers because the first NFL sponsored ad was about the NFL right before NFL season starts? Not for gamers because the console does not only play games? You know what else doesn't only play games and is a huge gaming device? A PC.

    Anyway the Xbox One is a good fit for me, I'm looking for more than just a gaming device. I already have my music in Xbox Music plus there's the native video streaming from PC as well as Skype use. Looking forward to see Microsoft's 3 screen vision materialize a bit more and I get better functionality between W8/WP8/Xbox.

      I was disgusted, I can't remember the last time I saw an iphone commercial with someone talking on the phone. I accuse the iPhone of not being for people who make phone calls.

        And you would be right. The iphone is terrible at being a phone, and it's use as a phone is only a second, third or even fourth priority for users nowadays.

          Y'know, you're spot on, I kinda set myself up for that one didn't I? haha

        It's funny - I used a 3GS for two years, and based on the crap voice quality and reception, I'd agree that the iPhone isn't for people who make phone calls.

          Hahahahahahaha, the claims people make these days... brilliant.

            Yeah - I couldn't help myself. Maybe exaggerated a bit with 'crap.' That said, most people I know who have owned an iPhone has agreed they weren't as good at the phone call part as other handsets. I stepped up from a dumb phone and found the drop in voice quality during calls fairly noticeable.

              I don't remember it being an issue for me but I remember some people being annoyed with it... I've had a 3/4/5 and recently a HTC one, can't remember any of them being terrible.

              Mic pickup when using it as a phone is pretty fucking horrible if you don't have a headset plugged in. People always saying, "Pardon? I can't hear you..." then it's just fine when you plug a headset in.

                This. My wife puts me on speaker whenever she's in the car and from my non-iphone end, all I hear is a wall of white noise and the all too occasional instant of cut out when there's no sound at all. I used to just think this was the iphone 4, but apparently not.

                  3, 3GS, and 4S in my experience - worsening over time. I guess maybe some sacrifices are being made in order to get better net receptions. (Which I will admit, has improved with subsequent models.)

                  Kinda frustrating to try and take a call and have to yell at people or make speakerphone active while pressing the phone to your head. (I mean really, that's just ridiculous.)

      It's perfect for you because you're already in the bag for Microsoft. You run WP8 and Xbox Music which a tiny fraction of the population uses. You know what people want from their game console? Gameplay front and centre, not shafted to a corner of the screen so Microsoft and shoe-horn in questionable features like Bing and Skype that no-one asked for.

        But that's what their roadplan is, to advance the Microsoft ecosystem. They're trying to make it more appealing so more people do see the value in it.

        You know what people want from their game console? Gameplay front and centre

        Nope, I'm sorry people are looking for more than just a pure gaming devices now. I believe it was seen on the 360 that more hours were spent on Netflix and media then gaming. But you know what, the gaming is still there so I don't see what you're saying? It's just that this one particular NFL sponsored ad showcased the features for it's target demographic (NFL fans) and not the gamer.

        I still find myself excited for Titanfall, Project Spark and Forza.

        not shafted to a corner of the screen so Microsoft and shoe-horn in questionable features like Bing and Skype that no-one asked for.

        Yeh okay, not cherry-picking at all.

          Nope, I'm sorry people are looking for more than just a pure gaming devices now.

          I'm not, and I'm a person.

          If I wanted something I can use to watch TV and stream movies on I'd get a dedicated digital media player, or, y'know, an actual TV (practically any new model can itself stream from the 'net now anyways).

          Last edited 06/09/13 7:34 pm

            Hey, now you know how I feel every time someone says that gamers aren't looking for the features in the Xbox One or that any gamer in their right mind would get a PS4!

            The difference is you don't see me bashing every PS4 article to get it changed to suit me. The Xbox One isn't the only console that's releasing, if you want something that is purely and only for gaming and actually want features taking away so you have to buy a secondary device instead, get a PS4 + a digital media player (although you won't be able to instant switch or snap TV).

          Are you saying that one of the most recent updates didn't just turn my dashboard into an advertisement for Xbox Music, Foxtel and Bing? Because now, my disc game is shafted to a corner, and downloadable XBLA titles that were once given prime real estate are moved to another page. I don't care about Bing or Xbox Music so that update actually made my console worse for me than the day I purchased it.

          I don't care for Microsoft's living room Trojan horse strategy or their misguided 3 screens and a cloud. I don't use Bing, I don't use a Windows Phone or RT and I can recognise that Xbox Music is just a cynical rebranding of Zune to avoid the negative connotations of a commercial failure, in the same way MSN Messenger turned into Windows Live Messenger and is now "Skype." I understand why Microsoft's doing what they're doing but it's not in my interests as a consumer and right now, they're not even attempting to meet me halfway.

            Sounds like the PS4 is the better choice for you, which begs the question; why not just leave this crowd alone? I don't think Microsoft would be interested in meeting the consumer, who believes their 3 screen roadplan is misguided or that Xbox Music is just a cynical rebranding (As someone who owned a Zune HD and used Zune, you could not be more wrong) of Zune, halfway.

            Last edited 07/09/13 12:41 am

              I was an Xbox guy before I picked up my PS3. I'm more invested in that market. I love my Xbox but don't care about shoe-horning in Bing, Skype and possible Windows/Office. I'd be open-minded to an Xbone if they toned it down, but right now they're not meeting me halfway. Why don't I leave this crowd alone? Because I want an Xbox that's closer to what the 360 used to be. I want to actually put some thought into my next console decision, rather than the PS4 being the only palatable option.

              The people who own a WP8/Zune/W8/Surface a tiny fraction of the market. In other words, we outnumber you and because you're already in the bag for Microsoft, it's in their interest to cater to us. The Microsoft apologists who excused the always-on Kinect and 24 hour check-in already have a black eye from these policy changes and in a conflict of direction, we'll always come out on top.

                strand0410, you seem to have a lot of built up angst and antipathy towards MSFT... could I recommend you use a PS4 and stick with your original Xbox? Additionally you might not be aware that they've used the Metro/Modern/whateva UI on the XBone which allows you to pin/unpin apps on your dashboard, so you don't actually have to have Bing, Skype or whatever on your dashboard if you don't want to.

                Looking at this from a slightly higher level you can look at MSFT's business - in business these days it's useful to have a strategy. Now MSFT, like Apple & Google & possibly even Sony, have identified that a good strategy is "own the living room". It aligns with the whole mobile/BYOD/consumerisation of IT thing. As you can tell they hope for the XBone (one of their few successful platforms) to be a connected home entertainment system for everything. So they have that strategy, they are adding features and trying to innovate (I know it's MSFT, at least they are trying...).

                So strand0410 it seems that you don't like the new features. Maybe don't use them? The XBone will still play games... You seem to resent the fact that MSFT is adding those new features in order to pursue it's strategy? I ask you - what is the point of releasing a new product that does the same thing it did 8 years ago? Should MSFT not innovcate? Should it simply go away into a corner & die? Would you prefer just Sony in this marketspace? Nintendo is on the downwards sales decline. A little competition is good, right? Even a little change is actually a good thing sometimes, right? So how about you join me & actually say - well done MSFT, Xbone is actually looking pretty tidy!

                I know, I'm "in the bag for MSFT", I'm "outnumbered", but I'm actually looking forward to getting my Xbone, & I reckon my wife & kids will like it too. It's about having fun, after all.

      Dunno about you but my PS3 is an all in one machine I can watch tv and sports if I have to but I'll probably need to pay for the sports shit which won't really make a difference because the PS3's features aren't all stuck behind a paywall

    I have seen SO many console commercials with no video games in them, from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. In fact, they're probably my favorite ones.

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    So its bad marketing to aim a football based commercial to fans of football whilst football was playing and then have a simultaneous logo of Xbox One with the NFL?

    Just because we aren't the target market for this particular commercial doesn't mean we should get upset. I am sure there will be plenty more adverts to target gamers.

    Rest assured Luke, it plays games - we know that - everyone knows that - the ability to stream media/skype etc doesn't mean it will play games worse.

    Why do people go looking for stupid crap to get upset about and then complain about it?

      Why do people go looking for stupid crap to get upset about and then complain about it? take the piss?

        Go check out the youtube comments & like/dislike ratio.

          Ha! Check out Youtube comments? Come on, I'm smarter then that. That's like a rule of the internet. Rule 57, don't read Youtube comments.

    Xbox haz no gaems.

    Or something?

    Imagine a commercial that streamed every feature the product had at you in a 30 second spot.

    I guess the words 'advertising campaign' are at a loss here.

    I'm not into football or soap, useless features. Just Halo is I need.

    I think that there is already a broad enough audience who knows that it plays video games, they don't need to be told again. Microsoft is attempting to broaden its demographic and in doing so is advertising the multimedia features in conjunction with the NFL. This advertisement is for just that, so I'm not surprised it didn't show games.

    I liked the on voice commands, pity it won't understand our foreign language here

    What the hell is with fantasy football? Is it some non-nerd way to be a nerd?

    What is this rubbish?
    Who cares about this rubbish?
    Who has their massive tv outside?

    ........ urgh, just go away already xpox

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