The Glory Of A '90s Video Store, Resurrected In A Video Game

Streaming and downloads have practically killed it off, but once was a time Saturday night was spent heading to your local video store, rummaging around the shelves and picking out a bad action/horror VHS because it had a rad cover.

Or, if had a local store/guy you could trust, you'd ask for a recommendation. Which is where VideoHeroeS comes in.

Here's the description:

VHS is a tribute to video rentals and great movies from the 90s. We want to convey what it is like to explore a collection of forgotten gems. You are the clerk of a video rental store during the amazing 90s. Over the course of the day, many customers will enter the store and ask for that one movie, and it is your job to make them happy.

The best part? It looks like they spent more time curating the movie selection than they spent programming the game. And I mean that in a good way.

VideoHeroeS [Site, via Attract Mode]


    I worked in one of these until '08... There's one still kicking on our Main Street actually.

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