The Humble Bundle Is The Humble *Indie* Bundle Again!

The Humble Bundle Is The Humble *Indie* Bundle Again!

Some people had problems with the Humble Bundles being partnered with big publishers like EA and THQ. I was not one of those people but, if you were, you might be relieved to hear that the Humble Bundle has gone indie again. The only issue is this: if you’re a frequent purveyor of previous bundles, you might already have all the games in this list!

So here’s the deal: the main games are Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Muchies Beta and Brutal Legend. A nice little collection of games. I particularly recommend Mark of the Ninja, which is probably the most polished stealth game I’ve ever played.

In addition, folks paying over the average price for these games (currently $4.42) will also receive FTL: Faster Than Light and Fez. These are the games I want on this particular bundle the most. I’ve played a lot of Fez, but would happily play through it again on PC and I actually haven’t had the chance to play FTL. I’m actually thinking about picking this up.

Buying this Humble Bundle will also give you access to a number of soundtracks from the video game: Trine 2 and Brutal Legend if you just pay any old price; Fez and FTL’s soundtrack will be chucked in if you pay more than the average.

Head here to check it out.


  • I already have all these so I’ll wait and see if they add anything later, but paying more than the average is more than worth it for FTL alone. I wish I was playing FTL right now.

      • The first three nights I spent with it, I ended up going to bed at 6:30 the next morning. Be careful!

      • Yes FTL is a must play. Just be prepared to lose – and lose a lot. But grabbing all the ships and learning to play a different way is worth the struggle.

        • FTL is a fantastically brutal game. I bought it because I though, hey that looks like a bit of fun. Expecting to play it for a couple of days and then relegate it to the digital shelf of games I don’t play… that failed… many hours spent, many frustrating hours trying to fly my ship from one end of space to the other, only to be torn apart on numerous occasions…

      • The only thing to remember is it is a time sink, a wonderful glorious relentlessly evil and unfair harpy of a time sink.

  • I cant help thinking that, now this bundle has so much widespread attention, it could benefit developers that arent as spotlighted, shine some light on more of the hidden gems that need the attention. Even by squeezing one or two next to these more well known ones could do developers a world of good. I always scope the titles for something I havent heard of before to get excited about, but it never seems to happen.

    • They do that a little bit with the weekly bundles, but I agree. It would be great if they could squeeze in one or two unknowns with each bundle. It seems like that’s how the first 2-3 bundles worked, then they had a string of crazy awesome bundles that raked in millions.

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