The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size

The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size

After months of speculation, the map of Grand Theft Auto V finally made its way to the web, and the details on it opened up the opportunity for a little bit of speculation. SPOILERS FOR THE MAP FOLLOW!

Less than a day was more than enough time for the community to come up with some great ideas. Let's crawl through the best ones:

First, it's worth a mention how precisely people on GTAForums were able to predict the map's layout based on trailers and screenshots, weeks before the leak.

The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size

There are already a lot of comparisons with previous Grand Theft Auto titles and other open-world games, not to mention those using screenshots to judge the scale of the map.

The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size
The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size
The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size
The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size

Is that Grove Street in South Los Santos, our home from GTA San Andreas? Where is Grove Street?

The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size

Los Santos' size, properly scaled and compared to the map of GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption.

The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size

Someone else saw a T-Rex.

The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size

Leonardo, from TMNT fully revealed. Cannot unsee.

The Internet Reacts To Grand Theft Auto V's Map And Its Size

Six more days and we'll have our answers.



      Patience, young grasshopper... (^_^)/ (~_~)

        Jesus, old ass comments are disgusting

        Oh well.

        Time to overclock my pc and make gtav scream


      You should laugh at this then, in the mean time...

    Cool, I guess? I'm honestly not gonna bother though, because I know it'll end up like every other GTA game for me: I'll do enough missions to unlock the full map (which allegedly isn't required now?) and then I'll just fuck around and do stupid shit until I get bored and then I'll play something else.

      yeah....but how much fun is that fucking around and doing stupid shit going be!

      "Gah, what is this? I just spent 6 hours driving sweet cars and having gun battles. This is fantastic! I HATE IT."

      I'll just leave this here for no reason:

        Can you stop posting that bloody video? We get it. Your trying to promote your video or something stupid

    Not bothering, unless its new gen console or pc, then im not gonna bother. and i really dont care about how much ''optimised'' the game is to a ten year old console... still gonna look like crap on release..

      I'm having difficulty reconciling what you're saying here. It's only, as far as we know, coming out on 360 and PS3, so it would follow that this is where the gameplay and cutscene footage of the game we've been seeing is coming from, and people are pretty excited about it.

      So why do you conclude it's going to look bad on the current gen consoles? How are you reaching that conclusion?

        It's coming out on PC & next gen in 2014, but yes, I agree with the assumption that the footage we've seen so far is PS3/XB360

          There has been no announcement that it's coming to next gen and I would nearly put money on it not coming. Rockstar wouldn't want to port GTA for the first time on next gen, they would want a whole new game built for the consoles.

            Fact:GTAV cost Rockstar $200Million to produce
            Fact:Rockstar have made statements that GTA-Online will be around for years with expansions.
            Fact:Several hands on previews have stated that the game being released on Sep.17 is not the same one shown in trailers and publicity screen-shots.

            Do you think they would invest that kind of money and not maximize their investment?
            Do you think they would support and release expansions for consoles years after they have been replaced?
            There is a pc or next gen GTAV, we have already seen it, Rockstar just want you to buy the same game twice to recoup that $200Mill.

              Fact: Rockstar have already made back what they spent on GTA V from pre-sales alone.

              Hahaha they have already recouped it.

                So FREE MONEY.

                Although there's no guaranteeing it, of course. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a PC version a year or two down the track, once console sales have tailed off.

                The only RockStar game so far not published on PC, as I recall, is Red Read Redemption. Oh, and GTA China Wars, but the big consoles didn't get that either. On their record, a PC version eventually looks likely.

                I expect in a year and a half we'll be seeing ads for GTAV: AS IT SHOULD BE SEEN with side-by-side screenshots, published for XB1, PS4 and PC.

            Well its 2014, coming to next gen and pc, presales are on steam.
            Should be good, looks alot better.

      So you'll take better graphics over gameplay, oooookaaaay.

      Your loss.

      No glass shadows confirmed. Terrible game. 0/10 wouldn't rent.

      Last edited 12/09/13 9:41 am

        hoooooooooo boy......

        Hilarious..... but depressingly hilarious.

        Rofl. I was bloody pumped ('exited') for this game, but the no glass shadows thing is most certainly a dealbreaker for me.

        I think gta 4 having better graphics...

      I typed, and I typed... And then I typed some more... Then I concluded that it was fruitless, so I'll just say this: your loss, buddy.

    It will no doubt be released on Next-Gen consoles.

    But they certainly aren't going to announce that now, or else they'll get limited sales on Current-Gen systems.

    Haha at the scale animation.

    Though looking at the comparison with San Andreas, it's not that much bigger. Can't wait for this!

      Although its a bit confusing, the entire green box represents the size of the GTA V map, so in comparison V's map is bigger then SA, IV and RDR and still have room to spare

        Hmmm, I'm confused now. I thought all those maps were at the same scale. Didn't realize the entire green box represents GTA V.

    So much negativity here. So I'm just gonna say


      I concur!!

      I cannot fucking wait to play GTA V! I am still tossing up going to a midnight launch but either way I have Tuesday off and will be playing all freaking day!

    This is only the Los Santos map, yeah?

    Unless I'm remembering wrong, GTA V will also have San Fierro & Las Venturas? Or is that just wishful thinking? :(

    Really hope we have all 3, having the one island, no matter how big, is a bit of a let down

      To be fair, the map's quite massive, and then there's the entire ocean floor as well. And hey, we'll also have post-Max Payne 3 weapon combat, the latest Euphoria has to offer in detail, bank heists, a plethora of vehicles to play around with, golf, tennis, likely half a hundred other activities... So map size isn't everything. For it to be as big (and varied) as it is is hardly a disappointment given all of the other elements that come together to make a great GTA game.

      And hey - who's up for an expansion featuring Las Venturas further down the line? ;) haha.

    BLIMP JOUSTING! ... everywhere and all the time

      *slaps tofu in the face with a glove*

      I challenge you to a duel sir.

        I accept your challenge sir, blimps at sundown. We meet at the peak of Mt Chilliad and wait for Flight of the Valkyries to play

      Hahahaha, wow, that's gonna be AMAZING :D

        ... It was the first thing I thought of when I saw I could fly a blimp. Then came the idea for the worlds slowest dogfight

      I never understood blimps as a pre-order bonus. When everyone else in the game is in fighter jets and attack choppers the outcome for people in blimps is inevitable.

      Oh, the humanity.

        I'm just hoping that I can get more than one person in the blimp and that I can do drive bys

        Imagine if you will, you're flying around Los Santos in your fighter jet and you spot a blimp just puttering along. An easy target you get closer and the auto target locks on. You fire ... but just after that you notice the 14 miniguns and rocket launchers shooting in your direction. Everyone dies. But i look way more awesome doing it


      ALWAYS in ALL WAYS!!!!

      [no Million Dollar Listing love anyone? :p]

      YES. Many YES. Shit, I hadn't even considered this. It's like the good ol' black hawk jousts, except with massive, slow-moving blimps and thrice the THRILL. :>

    I love all that negativity - that hides the fact that we're all going to grab this. We're all going to play it. We're all going to love it - then tell our friends that there's been no real innovation since GTA3.

      So having three protagonists instead of one and being able to switch to any one of them on the fly is not innovation.

      But you are right. We're all going to love it, because it's so much fun BLOWING SHIT UP.

      Sure but were is the gameplay to SHOW OFF ALL THE SHIT THAT Rockstar sed was gonna be IN THE GAME. AH JUST FUCK IT MAN. #StillGonnaBuyTheGame.

    I never played San Andreas, and I loved IV... so I don't get why anyone could be upset by what's been revealed in this map.

    It's HUGE. There's planes and skydiving... I'm very, very excited.

    I wonder if there's a hospital nearby that will put me in a medically induced coma for five days so I don't have to wait anymore.

      You could try and freeze yourself, but just be wary of avalanches. Wouldn't want a sea otter to crush you on his tummy.

    i love the bitterness some people have over a game they've never played. From all accounts, it looks like it's going to be awesome - I can't wait to play it. I can't remember the last time I've been this excited about the release of a game before.

    I am not getting the game unless it is coming out on PC. GTA is completely pointless without mods

    i think gta 4 having better graphics. because america is much more beautiful as compare to sanandreas

      I am by far the best drive of all my friends, and I have yet to pay for having sex with a woman

    Rockstar is smart for not announcing pc and next gen version. They want as many people buying the ps3 and Xbox360 versions and then when the sales slow down they'll announce pc and next gen versions and bam double the sales. If they announce pc and next gen version now they'll just be losing sales cos ppl will hold off buying the ps3 and the 360 versions

      Lies, there's no way I'm waiting more than four more nights for GTA V, next-gen or otherwise! :P

      To be perfectly honest I don't see a next-gen version happening. They'd probably want to rework the engine and take it from the top with all the new hardware. Nor do I see them losing a significant amount of sales in announcing any next-gen plans anyhow. People will buy the next Apple iPhone even if it's only got a few additional features over the one they just bought; here we're talking about a $70-90 current investment with trade-in options for further down the line. Given the average gamer (in Australia) is what, in his/her thirties? I think it's safe to say that it's not that huge a commitment in order to pull the hype train to a stop so that one can enjoy the game now.

      Last edited 12/09/13 6:23 pm

    haven't played/bothered with a GTA game since GTA San Andreas,but I'm getting GTA V It looks epic

    Not criticising it since I haven't played GTAV (obviously)...From the look, I kinda like the San Andreas map better, It had a better dispersion of cities and towns with emptiness in between (a little too much emptiness, understandable, with hardware limitations of the time).

    Los Santos looks like one giant city with mostly wilderness and really small towns outside.

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