iPhone 5s May Break When Exposed To .50 Calibre Rifle Rounds

The iPhone 5s holds up to being dropped on concrete or submerged in a bowl of water, but put a couple of .50 calibre rifle rounds through it in slow motion and it nearly disintegrates. This wouldn't have happened if Steve Jobs were still alive.

Having tried and failed to procure an iPhone 5s in order to witness the glory of Infinity Blade III with all the bells and whistles enabled, I find RatedRR's latest display high-tech destruction and firearm mastery particularly cathartic.

Maybe you couldn't get an iPhone 5s. Maybe the idea of such an incremental upgrade pisses you off. Maybe an iPhone hurt the feelings of someone you love. Maybe you're just angry and frustrated over not being able to figure out how to pluralise iPhone 5ses (like that, I guess). Whatever the case may be, there's something magical about watching it die.

iPhone 5s vs 50 cal - RatedRR Slow-Mo Torture Test [YouTube]


    A GOLD one at that, which has a worldwide shortage... sonofabitch...

    Speaking of waste, why do people keep doing drop tests. Every one I've seen has had the same result: if you're lucky and it hits the corners it's fine and if not the screen shatters. Unless it's plastic or dropped onto something other than concrete, which it never is. Just stupid

    Ahh, blowing up or shooting iPhones with a .50cal ... the essence of Western waste culture.

    Well that's a deal breaker for me. It's obvious that they don't care about MY demographic.

    Your move, nokia.

    Rated RR, proving once again they're douchebags by destroying expensive things.

    .. People are still doing this?

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