The Latest Screenshot From Super Smash Bros. Wii U Raises Questions

The Latest Screenshot From Super Smash Bros. Wii U Raises Questions

The latest screenshot from Super Smash Bros. Wii U, shared by Masahiro Sakurai, raises a few questions. Compared to the other female characters, shouldn’t Samus be much taller and more robust? And what on earth is Peach doing at the end of the line?

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  • Given that Olimar is apparently only a few inches tall and Bowser is around Mario’s height (Mario Kart) or multiple times larger (Super Mario 64) I’d GUESS that scale is not a thing that is important in this series.

    • Clearly Peach is trying to dack the Wii Fit trainer… and the Wii Fit Trainer is trying to ghost Samus… and Samus is just trying to look badass…

  • Looking at the picture Samus is actually taller she has her knees bent so is not actually standing up right

    • Just kinda looking at Samus’s waist. Damn those are some long legs. Out of proportion to the rest of her body? Hard to tell with the suit.

    • Even still, she is meant to be around 1.9m tall.

      Though I guess if the characters were all to scale, there’d be people complaining about the unfair hitboxes

      • Yep. If she was taller they would have to increase her health or power to compensate for her getting hit easily.

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