The Long Dark Is Up On Kickstarter

The Long Dark Is Up On Kickstarter

The Long Dark, an indie game being made by an all-star cast of former big-game developers, is up on Kickstarter. Since its devs have worked on Mass Effect, League of Legends, Saints Row, God of War, LA Noire, Borderlands and Far Cry 3, it might be worth a look.

You can back it here.


  • Since we’re just dropping links without really writing articles about it (ie. advertising KS projects).. Here’s another “dark” game that I really think deserves some attention. It is a game about exploration set in a fictional world previously created with the browser-based game of “Fallen London”. Instead of being a mere browser-based game though, this one will be a stand-alone game with real-time exploration and turn-based story events.

  • Wow, these guys know how to do Kickstarter backing rewards. Have a look at $1000 up – you can actually get some of your work in the game (if you’re a sound engineer, musician or voice artist).

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