The PS Vita Screen Comparison To End All Vita Screen Comparisons

Previously, Kotaku posted a comparison between the original PS Vita and the new, slimmer PS Vita. You might have seen it. But that was just a photo and didn't move. Now, there's a video. It moves.

In the video, the original Vita is stacked on top of the new revamped Vita. Stick around to 2:50 minutes in to see how the screens look from the side. Yes, the side!

Screen Comparison: New PS Vita (LCD) vs PS Vita (OLED) [[email protected]]


    From the side the LCD is terrible... but really, its a hand held, so if your watching from the side you're probably doing it wrong.
    The old OLED is way nicer overall (but I can't help but wonder if the LCD just needs to be adjusted).
    but the new vita is slimmer and lighter, and I think it loaded slightly quicker, so there may be some minor hardware improvements.

    Now if they could just release the 64gb card at a reasonable price over here... (I'd buy the new one in an instant if they'd dropped the vita memory card in favor of transflash)

      I have actually never understood this argument (side viewing angles) myself actually, especially when it comes to laptop screens and phones I mean, the last thing you want is for some random 3 seats down to be able to read your texts right? Yet "tech reviewers" start throwing the biggest fits for poor viewing angles.... lol

    The older Vita to me looks like it has more dynamic colors and stronger blacks.

      That's a nicer way of saying 'oversaturated.' Yes, it has the expected true blacks of OLED, but the colour gamut looks incredibly imbalanced. OLEDs look great on displays because colours pop but they're so far off sRGB, look at the greys and whites on Drake's shirt.

      There's a really creepy "sour grapes" attitude I've seen on Kotaku recently from Vita owners who hate the redesign, or convinced themselves to, as some weird consolation for buying a first gen product. Sony improved the chassis, battery life and weight of the thing, they're not going to suddenly cheap out on the panel. I've also seen more than a few "OLED IS BETTER THAN LCD!" comments... aka the opposite of pretty much every credible opinion on mobile displays.

    I think the best comparison was when it showed a blank white screen and the original is actually white where as the new one has this yellowy tinge to it. really visible at 1:53 with the UBI Art logo

    I wonder if this will actually drive the demand and price UP for the original Vita, instead of down as is the case with most gen 1 hardware.

    The OLED is so much nicer a screen, I can't imagine why you'd go for the new one...

    Both look good even though the OLED has some advantages.

    I was annoyed when I saw that a price drop was coming to the Vita and you also got a new snazzy, slimmer design as I just bought a Vita.... Not anymore.

    Just got a OLED 3G Vita today. Glad I paid the extra for the better screen. In saying that if the LCD was substantially cheaper than I would of got that.
    I bought the Vita for PS4 integration and exclusives as I don't need a portable as much as some people.

    This isn't a very good comparison. The OLED screen will of course look "better" in a bright environment, it has a much greater native contrast ratio. The LCD is different, not necessarily worse, by virtue that it's an LCD, not an OLED. If the LCD can match the OLED in everything except contrast ratio then it's the better screen.

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