The PS4 Won't Be Out In Japan Until Next Year

The PS4 Won't Be Out in Japan Until Next Year

The PlayStation 4 is launching this November in the West. It won't be out in Japan until 2014.

The console is launching in Japan on February 22, 2014.

The console is priced at ¥41,979, which is $457. The PlayStation 4 bundled with the PlayStation Camera is ¥46,179 or $502.

The PS4 Won't Be Out in Japan Until Next Year

Sony has a special launch bundle for Japan called the PlayStation 4 First Limited Pack. Priced the same as the other consoles, it comes with Knack, free of charge.

According to Sony, the reason for the later launch is that Sony wants more time to have more "content" (games, probably) ready for the Japanese market at launch.

With the Xbox One also not launching in Japan this year, Sony has no reason to rush.


    Wow... That would be like Microsoft launching the Xbox one in America in 2014 and the rest of the world in 2013 haha Sony

      Ummm, yeah, thanks for pointing that out.

    The West also seems to need things in time for Xmas, whereas that's probably a lesser factor for Japan.

    I suspect Japan slides down the list of priorities because MS have basically given up on it. MS can't win Japan, so Sony can't lose it. Thus they'd be wanting to have the maximum number of units available for launch in markets where they actually have some competition. If somebody can't get a PS4 this year in Japan, they'll wait until they can get one. If somebody can't get one in the USA or Australia or wherever then they might get an XBone instead.

      what they said ^

      Last edited 10/09/13 12:32 pm

    A lot of gaming news outlets have forgotten to mention the hardware warranty is extended to 2 years or have wrongly said there is 1 year warranty.

      Really? I hadn't heard that. Is that for Japan only? Or world wide?

        It's for the Japan's First Limited Pack only. I guess it's because people living here (including me) have been made to wait.

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