The Relentless Improvement Of Video Game Graphics

The Relentless Improvement of Video Game Graphics

What good are realistic graphics? What good are next year's even more realistic graphics? Cara Ellison and Elizabeth Simins return for their latest Kotaku comic strip, and they've brought an answer that's five panels long.

The Relentless Improvement of Video Game Graphics

Follow Ellison's writing on her blog Hard Consonant. She's on Twitter too: @carachan1. You can find more of Simins' art, much of it about video games (like Xenoblade!), at Cargo Collective. She's on Twitter @elizsimins.


    I feel like this is supposed to be humorous, but either it's not funny at all or it's going completely over my head?

      The only one that took me a couple seconds to get was the last one. I think that one was saying that photorealism is building to the point where we'll be playing with toys again.

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