Xbox One Now In 'Full Production', CPU Gets Faster

The Xbox One Is Now In

The launch of the next generation just got a little more real. Speaking at the Citi Global Technology Conference, and noted by GeekWire, Xbox's Yusef Mehdi told attendees that Microsoft is now in "full production".

Which means right now, as you read this, somewhere in China, thousands of Xbox One consoles are rolling off the production line.

In perhaps more important news though, Mehdi also said that the console's CPU has seen a slight increase in grunt, going from 1.6GHz to 1.75GHz.

What he didn't say, though, is when the thing's actually coming out. All we know on that front is that it's after November 8.

Xbox One now in full production with improved CPU performance [GeekWire]


    Last minute CPU improvement, 2months from release and now they start production. Could RROD happen again?


      This is a minor clock bump and they purposely built the casing that big to maximise air flow. Have you seen the fan inside the One? It's god damn giant.

    1.75ghz ? Just how future proof are these things ? Pretty sure my phone has that sort of speed atm...

      Not apples to apples,in all honesty. This is plenty fora console for the next five years.

    @greenscreener 1.75ghz ? Just how future proof are these things ? Pretty sure my phone has that sort of speed atm...
    You sound like the IT staff at my local Hardly Normal telling a guy that because the AMD chip has a faster clock it runs stuff that Intel chips don't as they are not " clocked fast" enough.
    CPU clocks mean very little especially when comparing different chip revisions or even manufacturers and especially when you compare your phone that is an entirely different architecture.
    Edit :- This was meant for the post by @greenscreener

    Last edited 05/09/13 8:40 am

      Jeeez folk around here need to get some happy fun times me think ... Why all so serious ... ???

      Yes I work in IT and understand all this crap but on the serious side i think a last minute bump in cycles does not bode well for the planned longevity of the system or it's design/engineering phase. So they were standing around and thought 'shit that's not enough...'

        I think MS was very conservative on it's clock speed setting at first for both the GPU and CPU. It would not also surprise me if MS bump the clock speed up again in a year or 2 with one of the updates.

        Or alternatively.
        "Oh wow we are getting good yields on this chip manufacture and we are bin sorting way less of them down to 1.6 than we thought, lets just use the ones from the 1.75 bin instead"

    Woohooo. I guess I backed the right horse after all, everything's coming up millhouse ;)

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