There’s A New PS Vita. It’s Slimmer And Lighter.

There’s A New PS Vita. It’s Slimmer And Lighter.

Today, Sony revealed a new PS Vita in Tokyo. It comes in new colours, too.

Sporting a five-inch LCD display, the new Vita is 20 per cent thinner. At 219 grams, it’s also 15 per cent lighter. The new PS Vita comes in six different colours and has a battery life that last one hour longer, comes with 1GB memory, and is only available in a WiFi model.

There's a New PS Vita. It's Slimmer and Lighter.
There's a New PS Vita. It's Slimmer and Lighter.

It will go on sale in Japan on October for 19,929 yen ($200). There’s no word yet about an international release.


  • Oh wow, that’s great. Except I’ve had a Vita for well over a year now and have hardly played it. Seriously, are there any games actually worth playing on that thing?

    • There are several games worth playing. I’d say hundreds… but there are only several that couldn’t just be played on a PSP.
      Gravity Rush is awesome, and Army Corps of Hell is fun, and Ridge Racer is good (if your into it)… that said with how long its been out, thats still not much.
      I strongly recomend a Playstation Plus account, purely because you get free games for Vita, some suck, but hey the price is right.

    • Loads. It’s probably my most-played console. Hotline Miami, Guacamelee, Sly Cooper, Rayman Origins, Gravity Rush, MGS HD, Soul Sacrifice, Persona 4 and Killzone Mercenary are all great. Plus, I own a bunch of PSOne and PSP games I never played or played and remembered. Final Fantasy 6 through 9, The Warriors, Persona 3, Metal Gear Solid etc. Plus, like someone said before, if you subscribe to PSPlus you’ll get like 2 or 3 free games a month.

      So yeah! There are loads of…. oh, you were being a douchebag.

    • Seriously – the screen isn’t as good?

      So there’s a good argument that the current model is the best model?

      Pretty sure I want to get a Vita, not sure if I should grab one now or wait for this new model.

    • Why? OLED/SAMOLED panels are always over-saturated. Even with the best calibration , colour temperature is always skewed warm, whites are always closer to yellow/green, and sunlight visibility is awful. The only benefits to OLED are true blacks and possible battery life.

      • OLED isn’t near as bad as AMOLED in that regard. I wouldn’t say it’s fair to lump them together.

        Edit: Saying that, I still prefer LCD…

        • They have the exact same issues. AMOLED is just a newer way of powering the OLED matrix, there effectively aren’t any more non-Active Matrix OLEDs in production. They have the same quirks, but modern AMOLEDs and their ‘Super’ variant (SAMOLEDs) have improved refresh rates and power consumption.

          I understand it if people personally prefer OLEDs (true blacks and infinite contrast sound great), but they’re inferior in virtually every other metric to LCD. The kinks haven’t been ironed out yet, and manufacturers cut corners like the PenTile subpixel layout. The misinformation here is bizarre. It’s the first time I’ve seen people who think AMOLED > LCD transition is a downgrade. Yes… so Sony improved the Vita’s weight, ergonomics, battery life but for some insane reason, sabotaged the screen? Sounds like a whole lot of post-purchase rationalisation to me.

          • Eh, the Vita’s screen (which I still think is shit) is still not as bad as every AMOLED phone I’ve seen.

      • My vita looks fine. I’ve never seen whites looking yellow/green. I will agree with you about the sunlight visibility though. But I rarely play my portable devices outside so I needn’t worry about that.

        Some other things which I think make OLED a better option:

        Better viewing angles – useful on a portable device.
        No back-lighting – so none of those horrible pseudo-black greyish colouring. I can deal with overly warm colours but that grey black is really bad to look at.

        One has to wonder why Sony chose OLED over LCD in the first place if it [LCD] is so superior?

        • The LCD vs OLED debate comes down to personal preference. If you want colours to pop and desire true blacks, then go with OLED. If you want accurate colour reproduction, whites and outdoor visibility, go with LCD. Battery life depends on content (bright/dark) and can swing either way.

          Currently, the general consensus within the mobile industry is that while OLED has its advantages, LCD is still more versatile. It’s further complicated when OLED manufacturers like Samsung (who made the Vita’s display) cut corners by creating the much-reviled PenTile subpixel layout. The problems can be somewhat offset when they jack up the pixel density (Galaxy S4) or calibrate the screens.

          My theory: Sony decided that the OLED panel in the first Vita was good enough but in this next revision, tightened everything up with iterative improvements, hence the minor weight loss and LCD.

      • All the more reason to get one then! Thanks for the heads up, I haven’t been keeping up with console prices for a while

        • I bought one myself last Monday when it dropped from $349 to $269. And, of course, now you can walk into JB and get it for $259 including the new Killzone game and an accessory pack :P. I should have waited another week 😛

          Oh well, I’ve got heaps of games anyway thanks to PS+, and the device itself is just superb.

          • Ouch, I’ve done that before. Got my TV, my friend got the same TV a month later and they gave him a free 22″ model too.

  • considering the progress of technology and the downgrade from OLED to LED, the (lower) price better reflect that fact.

    • Who started this myth that somehow OLED is superior to LCD? There’s a reason the panels in the HTC One and iPhone series are considered industry yardsticks (Anandtech, DisplayMate, etc). Maybe we’ll reach a point where OLED calibration is so good as to render perfect whites and an accurate colour spectrum but right now. OLED trades daylight visibility, accurate colours and whites for true blacks and improved battery life with dark content.

  • :/ Only bought a PS Vita a month ago. The decision to upgrade so quick or not will be a difficult choice.

  • Was initially spewing that I bought one for $200 during teh JB sale.
    Then realised that mine has OLED instead of LCD.
    No longer spewing – I hope this helps drive the price down, and increases the install base.

  • Ugh, want one… but have an original…. siiiighhhh I guess I’ll wait. Considering the back catalogue of PSP and PS1 games, I think if you don’t have anything to play on it, you’re not looking hard enough!

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