These Character Changes Are Ridiculous

These Character Changes Are Ridiculous

Over time, characters evolve. They change! But the way the characters in PS3 game Atelier Rorona have changed is something to behold.

Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland was originally released on the PlayStation 3 in 2009. Now, the game's developer is releasing a "new" remake version, revamping the gameplay and characters.

These Character Changes Are Ridiculous
These Character Changes Are Ridiculous

Some of the changes look like tweaks (the remake version is on the right).

These Character Changes Are Ridiculous

Other changes look totally different — like, surprisingly so.

The new Atelier Rorona will be out this November in Japan on the PS3 and PS Vita. No word yet about an international release.

【新・ロロナのアトリエ】連続プレイ動画 [Gust]


    Not really.... Just less Chibi, better graphics and bad comparison pictures.

      I'm with you on this, it looks like they simply moved away from a Chibi character style.

    Looking forward to the international release, so much easier to play totori on vita than ps3, just because of the suspend feature to let me sneak in the minutes here and there :P

    Some of them work. Most characters look more mature but fundamentally the same thanks to reshaping them.
    Others don't. That guy has had an apparent age change of 5-10 years based on the screenshot alone.

    Perhaps it is closer to the original concept this way, but it is definitely a drastic change in at least a couple places.

    The chibi art style in the old version was a limitation that GUST worked under at that time, it was the engine they had and they worked with it because they didn't have the budget or time to make a better one. Ar Tonelico Qoga (which came out around the same time) used the same or at least very similar engine and I recall the lead developer of that game saying one of his regrets after the fact was not having the time or budget to get a better engine for Qoga.

    Some of the changes are drastic sure but that kinda just shows how much they had to compromise when working with the old engine.

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