These Japanese Wii U Bundles Are A Good Deal

These Japanese Wii U Bundles Are a Good Deal

Nintendo is releasing a Wii U Family Premium set. And, hey, it looks like a bargain.

The 32GB Wii U comes packed with New Super Mario Bros. U, Wii Party U, a Wii Remote Plus, a 30-day pass for Wii Karaoke U and a Sensor Bar. The bundle is available in white or black, and it goes on sale on October 31 in Japan for ¥32,800 ($330).

By comparison, the regular Wii U Premium Set costs ¥31,500 ($315), which makes this an attractive offer.

These Japanese Wii U Bundles Are a Good Deal

There's also a Wii Fit U bundle that is similar to the above bundles, but also comes with Wii Fit U and a Wii U Fit Meter. It does not include a Balance Board. This bundle is also out on October 31 in Japan, but is priced at ¥34,800 ($350).

Family Set [Nintendo]


    If Nintendo would give us a price drop or deal even close to this in Australia it would probably tip me over the edge into buying one...

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