Thief Has An Old-School Homage Mission, Which Is DLC. Sigh.

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Hey, here’s where there should be some good news! The upcoming Thief game, which already has people a little worried, thought it was doing the right thing by including a mission that was a straight homage to Thief II’s bank heist. Which it immediately spoils by making it pre-order DLC.

I’ve said before how awful pre-order DLC is, but normally it’s limited to fluff like alternate outfits. Cutting off access to a mission, one designed to appeal to old-school fans at that, is just about the worst.

Sometimes you completely forget Square Enix, of all companies, owns Eidos. Then days like this make you remember.


    • Oh man, the original Thief level editor was a thing of beauty – there were SO MANY truly inspired fan-maps that came out of that, hitting the exact spot that many of us wanted from non-supernatural, pure ‘let’s make some fucking money’ thievery.

      • When I saw it pop up on steam lastnight I completely lost my shit and preordered it instantly. This was before I read that it wasn’t out until the end of February. but I am mad pumped for a new thief game… used to play the hell out of it with my old p2/voodoo 2 combo back in the day.

        • On the plus side, it looks like the Australian Steam preorder is at US prices – no Australia tax. Sometimes when AAA games are available for preorder many, many months before release they do this. US price to start, then jacked up with Australia Tax once someone at the publisher realizes what’s going on. Doesn’t always happen, but it does happen.

    • Yeah, I believe that in my heart of hearts, but I also know this is the rationale used to convince true Aliens fans to purchase Colonial Marines.

      Preorders can’t be trusted. They’re great for publishers and terrible for consumers, so tying the bank heist to it is manipulative, and punitive to anyone who doesn’t want to support the consumer-unfriendly preorder model. So yes, it’s a scummy move. Especially since it looks like it’s essentially done and there’s likely no technical/project/deadline reason it can’t be included in the full game proper – textbook ‘stripping out features/content to sell separately’ which is the worst thing about DLC. I doubt this fits in the category of, ‘stuff we started working on after we submitted the final build for certification’ which many other Day One DLC packs fit into.

    • The words “true fan” are sure signs to stop listening.
      If you are a “true fan” of the Mario series you must buy every game without question, and you BETTER start telling everyone they’ve missed a real gem when they looked over Mario is Missing.

      Even someone who is truly a fan of the series is allowed to look at a new game and think “hmm, what’s this one going to be like” instead of throwing money blindly at anyone who whispers the games name.

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