This Might Be The PS4's Prettiest Game So Far

Forget Killzone and Watch Dogs — the best-looking game I've seen on PlayStation 4 so far is this contemplative adventure by a Spanish development studio named Tequila Works.

Called Rime, the game looks like a cross between Journey, Ico, and Zelda: Wind Waker, and presumably it's Sony's way to distract us from the questionable fate of The Last Guardian. New trailer above. It looks tremendous.


    Looks awesome, although it does scream 'ICO' - In a really good way :3

    Nothing will distract me from the fate of The Last Guardian. Not even Wind Wakery, ICO inspired bliss.

    Looks current gen wind waker to me, are you listening nintendo?

    Is posting this video twice in two separate stories within 24 hours some kind of allegory for how familiar and unoriginal this game is?

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