This Petition For A PC Grand Theft Auto V Has Over 500,000 Signatures

This Petition For A PC Grand Theft Auto V Has Over 500,000 Signatures

Yes, when it comes to the sensitive topic of GTA V, console owners are currently laughing it up over their less-fortunate PC-wielding comrades. While it’s almost certain Rockstar will push out a desktop version at some stage, that hasn’t stopped the internet army from composing petitions forcing the issue, including one over at that’s amassed 515,000 signatures… and counting.

At the time of writing, the specific number of signatories is sitting at 515,582, so there’s at least half-a-million eager gamers who would purchase a copy. Well, acquire it in some fashion.

The petition’s message to the developer is short and sweet, pointing out the awesome contribution the community has made to the series via modding, an activity that would certainly continue should the game find its way onto the PC:

Please release GTA V on PC. GTA games have been a large part of so many people’s lives and it’s a big shame not seeing the newest iteration of the game being released on the most powerful platform. Things like modifications have always been a HUGE part of PC gaming and modded GTA is some of the most insanely fun times you can have.

I doubt a petition really factors much into the publisher’s business plans, but I’m sure it warms the cockles of the guys undoubtedly toiling away on the port at Rockstar North.

Rockstar: Release GTA V on PC [, via DSOGaming]


      • Oh come on, PC does not equal Pirate. I have been playing GTA on PC since the start, its my platform of choice. There are actual real gamer’s who buy games and help the industry on PC.

          • I don’t think so. From my experience, over many years, the amount of people who pay VS pirate way favors the legit gamer’s. In GTA 5’s case, you would be stupid to pirate it, the online part is going to be a massive hook for this title. A few years ago I might have agreed, but nowdays, in my experience most PC gamers buy the games they really want. Steam is faster D/L speeds these days anyway.

          • Not to mention safer to dl because it would be from a legit source in addition to an easier install

      • How about you just take the time to think about this: If a PC gamer wants to play GTA V on PC, they are most likely not going to purchase it on a console (if they even have one). So, if they weren’t going to purchase it in the first place, then pirating the game results in no loss of any party and in some cases actually results in that person purchasing the game (if they enjoy it enough).

        Just food for thought. You probably won’t even consider this point of view.

        • I will be honest, sometimes i will download a copy of a game for 2 reasons, 1: if i actually own the game but due to lack of caring for the CD/DVD can’t install it via that media again (Hench i already own the rights to play the game having purchased it), or 2: cannot mod the game after owning it, but someone has a mod-able version (which nowadays not soo much because games are alot easier to mod) but i only do this after i have passed the game! while i do agree with you on the fact of try before you buy, but i don’t support ppl who download play pass and keep the game without purchasing it! if you love the game then buy it ya bums!

  • And going based on 20 minutes after GTA IV’s release, I bet 10% of that 500,000 actually pay for it.

    • It’s actually the sole reason single-player AAA come to PC last: There’s no indie guilt or multiplayer to compensate for, so those games have something like 90-95% piracy rates. Literally insane.

      • Fingers crossed GTA Online will reduce the number of pirated copies on PC or this may well be the very last GTA we ever see not on a console.

      • That 90-95% was a BS claim by Ubisoft and it turned out to 90-95% of games they released on PC HAD been pirated not that 95% of players own a pirated copy.

    • Obvious troll is obvious.

      Sure there is going to be a lot of piracy, but there are equally a lot of people who purchase their games. My Steam library is well over 600 games. My collection of boxed game would cover a wall (if most of those boxes weren’t in storage or tossed). I don’t know anyone who pirates nowadays and I’m in a big community of older gamers. We spend upwards of $2000+ on a rig. Why skimp on games?

      • Yes but you understand that for every 1 of you, there are 10 of those who will not pay. As I said, Google the stats for thepiratebay the day that GTA IV dropped on PC.

        • Yep, im sure if those stats exist it would be very similar to the starts of GTA 5’s release and the torrents for Xbox and PS3

  • Wow. People are so quick to jump the gun and assume it isn’t coming out on PC. I’d say there’s even a fair chance of a next gen release. There’s no way they’d turn down that money printing machine AND risk pissing off fans.

      • most people will pirate it. that has been proven time and time again with every single player game ever made for the PC.

        • I call bullcrap piracy happens alot on PC but mostly for movies i have 100’s of single player games on PC non pirated and have you seen the sales on Steam we don’t have a real reason to pirate also after the money we spend on a rig you believe we cant afford a puny £40/$60 on a game my mouse is worth 3x’s that

      • I have Never pirated any of the GTA games.

        in fact, i have bought 2 copies of GTA 4 and LCS
        I bought GTA 5 on release, and will buy it again on PC when it gets released

    • Fair assumption. The PC crowd trusted Rockstar with RDR and they didn’t deliver. We’re not taking the same chance.

      • I don’t know how many times people have to say that RDR was done by Rockstar San Diego. Rockstar North has always brought GTA to PC.

        • Most people wouldn’t make the connection between the different studios. They all fall under the R* umbrella. As far as I’m concerned, R* is R* and whoever is controlling the company’s strategic direction can tell their studios what platforms to develop for.

          • It’s weird to have a smaller subsidiary company trading off the good name of R* and have it operate within strategic parameters set by the umbrella company? I would have thought that would be a pretty normal way of conducting a business.

            That said, the R* as an overall entity doesn’t appear to have this as an overall strategic goal. Perhaps they should. Perhaps this is a clear (but somewhat unintended) message being sent by this petition.

            That’s neither weird nor is it rash. It’s good business practice.

          • Your view that one game is potentially setting a trend for all of R*’s franchises because all of the development teams should behave the same way is what’s rash and weird to me…

  • Of course it’s coming to PC! Why would people think it isn’t? Who cares if they have to wait a bit longer anyway! I’m waiting till it’s available as a download on next gen consoles personally so I don’t have to keep switching between my PS3 and PS4.

    • Yeah, why would people think it’s not coming? It’s not like we’re still waiting for Red Dead Redemption. Oh, hang on.

      • Yeah, but GTA always comes to PC, just a bit later. That’s how it always is for some reason. R* are not going to skip over one of their biggest demographics. I don’t know why RDR isn’t on PC, it might be because it doesn’t have as big a following as GTA does.

        • Also, GTA comes from Rockstar North and RDR is from Rockstar San Diego. Different group, different choices.

        • While I’m in no doubt that that GTAV will be released on PC, it frustrates me that there hasn’t been any official confirmation.

          It boggles my mind on the legitimate business reasoning for not making an announcement, Rockstar have always been tight-lipped, but this isn’t helping them and I’m not picking up a copy on another platform. I hope the extra time is for extra polish, eyecandy and performance, not just because its ‘after the consoles’ release.

          Anecdotally RDR wasn’t ported over to PC due to R* San Diego leaving the code in a state that would make it unviable to port it, unfortunately 🙁

          • Business reason is that if there is no confirmation and no release date, people will buy it *now* and potentially again once it’s on PC and on sale in 6-9 months.

            Other platform release info has a chance to cut their current-platform profits.

          • Iirc, the announcement for the PC version of GTA IV was four months after the console release so my estimates is that PC GTA V will land around April next year.

        • I heard that the code for RDR is so unoptimised that for a PC release, everything has to rewritten.

          I don’t know if that’s true but it’s what has been said on the web.

          • I heard it was because RDR was developed by Rockstar SanDiego (with help by Rockstar North), and most of the the other Rockstar games (most of which have also come to PC, if I recall correctly) were developed by Rockstar North.

            None of Rockstar SanDiego’s titles have come out on PC except Midnight Club II.

            I guess it kinda makes sense when you look into it, but you could also be on the money as well… being a different division of Rockstar, they might not be as ‘clean’ as R* North when it comes to their code.

            Who knows… even if RDR did come to PC… I personally wouldn’t bother with it now. Maybe when, or not long after it originally came out… but not now.

            Too dated.

            EDIT: Just noticed that ‘Zap’ above mentioned R* San Diego… lols.
            Oh well.

      • Red Dead Revolver never made it to PC either, but all major Grand Theft Auto games did. The pattern is not hard to see.

      • Every single GTA game has ended up on PC so far, as well as a bunch of other Rockstar games such as Bully, Max Payne 3, and L.A. Noire.

        But sure, let’s use the ONE exception to the rule (RDR) to show a trend that proves otherwise.

        Idiot. You have a bright future in climate change denial.

  • I would personally change the petition to ‘a PC version that doesn’t suffer from terrible framerate drops like previous ports’. In the meantime I’ll enjoy my PS3 version.

    • Implying the PS3 version doesn’t have frame drops as well? :p

      Can’t say I ever had issues with performance on GTA IV’s PC version… but I also didn’t play it until long after it received its final official update.

  • Is there a petition to sign for a DRM-laden GTA V PC port? I’m all for PC gamers to have the ability to use it in their machine, but why the eff should they be able to pirate it for free?? Most of the butthurt PC apologists (approx. 90%) torrent the game then bitch about why R* won’t expend millions of $$$ just so they can download the next one for free.

    • those are some BS statistics your using there pal and many people have already pirated it for there consoles, its not hard and most of the gaming community could figure it out with some simple instructions. and even if it was true that 90% were pirates that doesn’t mean 90% of the people who get the pc version will be pirating it since the online version is so big and also they would have to pay millions of $$$ to port it over its much simpler then that.

  • We just start petitions for anything nowadays.

    They told us we were getting a PC version. Every GTA since 3 has gotten a PC version, and the modding community is so large that there is no way they will change their minds.

    Let’s just be patient.

    • I’m starting a petition to start a petition about getting ChinaTown Wars included as a mini game in RDR that is then a mini game in GTAV… Just because…

  • GTA V… I’m sort of torn on it. While I actually own a PS3, I prefer gaming on my PC with two Titan’s in it there is no such thing as a title that runs under 60 FPS. GTA V has very basic Graphics so much so that I prefer GTA IV with some of the excellent Hi definition, High Resolution content updates made by the excellent PC Mod community. In my mind the biggest competitior to GTA V on the PC is GTA IV and all its upgrades.

    Rockstar has a history born on the PC they have shunned the platform since they started producing games for Consoles, and now the best that can be said of anything they produce for PC’s is that the games look like the console counter part (except with higher resolution). I’d also think that since Rockstar was tied directly to Games For Windows Live and since that service is shutting down the may be seeking other alternative systems to build similar functionality into the title. That kind of development takes time and although its just supposition I think its a reasonable one.

    For me I’m not particularly interested, if this was a next generation title that could leverage even 5% of the capability of a modern PC I might be tempted, but this is not the case. But for those who do want it, I hope they get the opportunity to own it for their preferred platform. Good luck guys…

  • Oh wow, I thought we already had it on PC. So high is my care-level for GTA, or anything made by rockstar, lol.

  • I agree with others that yes it will come to PC but they have already been on record saying that they will not abandon current gen and as a result there will not be a next gen release, meaning no ps4 or X bone.
    They started developing it for current gen and did not want to start over with, at the time, unproven next gen and it would have created a fractured community considering the huge online mode that is coming.
    The loyalty, longevity and $$$ that the PC has has brought the Gta series I doubt they will abandon the PC community, at least not until next gen consoles are in full and even then I doubt they would.

  • I could wait so I had to get GTAV for Xbox. I, like others, am damn impressed at what they could do with the Xbox. The level of detail and draw distance especially. Very impressive.
    Im very eager to see how it performs on PC.’

    But I suspect it wont be released on PC until after Xbone and PS4.
    Hey, imagine if a week or so before the new consoles launch Rockstar announce its a console launch title. . .

  • It’s absolutely coming to pc, but this petition is a worrying reflection of how entitled and pleasure-obsessed people are. I mean, with rockstar’s history, why wouldn’t it come to pc? I’d imagine it’s already heavily in development and a late release probably has a lot to do with mod support and maximising the sales of the console skus. I don’t understand why or how we became a culture that has just decided that we are entitled to have something if we want it. We used to hope and dream but move on when perhaps our entertainment or art didn’t live up to expectations. For me, dealing with that stuff you can’t control is a crucial part of both entertainment and art. It always has been. Maybe you have to wait a bit but that’s a part of life. You don’t get a say. Now – Want a different ending? Obviously, because you play lots of Mass Effect, you know what’s best for an entire sci fi series already enjoyed by millions despite it being actually unclear who agrees with you and who is just copying what they see in the comments section. That’s now.

    • I don’t think it’s about entitlement, it’s about letting the publisher know that you want to buy the game on PC if they release it. Dark Souls is a good example of it, GTAV can be pretty much assumed to be on its way to PC anyway.

    • I don’t know about others, but I signed the petition because I am ready to pay full price for a PC version of GTA V. Wanting a game for $60 isn’t entitlement, it is how a market works.

  • If it’s on Steam I’ll buy it, I haven’t pirated a game in quite a while mostly because of Steam.

    • Mmm I know right, if it weren’t for Steam I’d probably still be pirating games too. Haven’t dl’d pirated games for several years now.

  • It will be coming to PC. Rockstar will deny until they are blue in the face because they want to make as much money now and not have anyone hold off for a “new-gen” copy. That’s just smart business. Expect versions for the new consoles about the same time.

  • It might be a bit more of an effort this time to get it to PC. With no Games for Windows Live to throw their game to anymore, they actually have to do work this time.

  • Going to be THAT Guy, But PC = Piracy, Deny it all you like. But in the eyes of a publisher: Wouldn’t you rather sell a bucket load of copies on Xbox/PS3 and not have the major risk of 60-70% Of PC Gamers pirating it and eating into your Console Profits? Sure I’d be hell keen for a release on PC it would look amazing, But in reality they are just protecting their profits for now. Which I can totally understand.

    • Just because everyone parrots the same crap does not make it true.

      Here are some statistics from the same torrent site for Saints Row 4:

      PC – 2099 downloads
      360 – 1524 downloads
      PS3 – 581 downloads

      If you combine the 2 console releases the piracy rates are pretty similar.

  • So how do you guys go about driving in GTA on the PC? Xbox controller plugged in to hot swap? Or just enjoy the suckiness of steering a car using WASD?

    • So how do you guys go about shooting on consoles? Do you plug a keyboard and mouse into your Xbox, or do you struggle with controllers? Your thumbs must be enormous.

      • I never got into kb/mouse for third person, so I’m happy with the slightly more arcade way of using the controller. Driving is such a MASSIVE part of GTA games though, I spend more time driving than running around shooting things.

        • uh… you push W to move forward and steer with the mouse, but then when you want to shoot thing you can quickly change your DPI to more effectively switch between sniping with low DPI and spray and pray with DPI maxed out

  • Didn’t data mining the 360 version of the game prove that not only is a PC version already developed, but was actually the base version? Making the 360 and PS3 versions ports?

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