This Week In Games: Grand Theft Auto V!

I heard there is a video game coming out this week? Am I right about that, or was it just a vicious rumour?

Anyway today's This Week In Games asks a simple question: which game has the cajones to be released in the same week as Grand Theft Auto V? IS THERE NO-ONE ELSE?

Mostly PC games to be honest! What do they have to worry about?

Foul Play (PC)

What is it? A side-scrolling brawler, looks and plays a bit like Castle Crashers. Should you care? One of the characters has a monocle.

Grand Theft Auto V (360/PS3)

What is it? Hahahahahahahaha! What? Should you care? Hahahahahahaha! Yes.

Ironclad Tactics (PC)

What is it? A card-based tactics thing set in an alternate American civil war. Should you care? I love the civil war period, but card-based is not for me. Unless it's real cards. Your mileage may vary.

LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey (DS)

What is it? What? How does this exist? On the DS? What? Should you care? No, I'd avoid this.

Saints Row IV (PS3)

What is it? It's Saints Row IV, a week late on the PS3 because of reasons. Should you care? Yeah, this is a popular video game that some people get excited about. But... Grand Theft Auto V.

Takedown: Red Sabre (PC)

What is it? On Steam this game is described as 'the thinking man's shooter'. Are you a thinking man? Apparently this is a bit of an innovative shooter. Should you care? I'd investigate if I were you. It looks not bad, but I don't know enough to make a recommendation either way.

Urban Trial Freestyle

What is it? Is this like Trials? IS THIS LIKE TRIALS? (This is basically a Trials clone). Should you care? I'd get Trials Evolution on PC instead, but that's just me.


    roughly 14.5 hours (allowing for time to get home and install) before people start bitching about it not being as good as San Andreas because, you know, it's cool to hate on the popular things

      Oh please, I'm expecting to hear that while waiting in line. Pretty much every time I'm in a midnight line there's always someone saying, "The last couple of games were shit because they didn't feel like < franchise name > ".

      Last edited 16/09/13 10:34 am

        I thought GTA IV was crap but that was mostly because so many features had been taken out that were in the previous games. Coming from San Andreas it felt small and lacking.

        GTA V is pretty much San Andreas Redux in terms of features and with a better story to boot. I will be shocked if its not in the top 5 games of all time on meta critic by the end of the week.

      Either that or for some reason it will end up getting a similar response to Diablo3.... that would be quite funny actually.

      I don't know, I feel like it won't be the case this time. I reckon it's going to receive well.

    Takedown looks ok, but other than that a week to catch up on some FF14 i think.

    I'll be getting Saints Row over opposite land

    Will be looking forward to all the articles on records this is going to break. Obviously it will break their own internal records that GTAIV set.

    I'm betting on that it breaks all the COD records though, Day One Sales, end of week and month numbers, despite it only launching on 2 platforms.

    Then we wait and see how long before the double dipping happens! PC, PS4 and XBONE! :p I know I'll end up being one! :( lol

      Considering the sheer amount of consoles on in homes and GTA's broad appeal, I wouldn't be surprised.

    I feel so weird existing in a world where (thanks to late delivery) I'll just be getting excited about Saints Row 4 while everyone is losing their minds over GTAV.

      I will probably also be in that boat. I've only just got motivated to finish up my complete SR3 playthrough. :)

    Man that new Lego game from a franchise I've never heard of... that should really be something.

    GTA is actually hard to start. The story is good so far. I had to do the first 3 missions about 4-5 times each. Switching between players was interesting. It's going to be a long game to complete. Similar to Red Dead.

    My GTA5 is in the mail so I've decided to camp out next to the mailbox til it comes.

    I gotta hold out on GTA V. Last exam in October and I can not afford to fail due to a horrible addiction to this game.

    God help me.

      Ha Ha, this is so me, only without the restraint. Goodbye good grades! Hello "P's make degrees"

        What do you call the guy who graduates lowest in his class at medical school?

      Same here but I have to wait until mid-November for my exams to be over.
      Curse me and my lack of self-control!

      Post-finals reward. Purchase and have a non-gamer relative hold on to it for you. :)

        The urge would be too strong. Just gotta go cold turkey.

          Ah, but by purchasing, your money is already spent and you'll feel less inclined to impulse buy it in a moment of weakness because you've already bought it. By giving it to a non-gamer relative, you ensure it stays unplayed and that they won't care enough about your cravings to give it to you before you've finished exams.

          If you don't trust yourself to not-play it between the act of purchasing and the hand-over to the relative, give them money and get them to buy it for you, or order online and have it shipped to them.


      I failed an exam because of cod. Shamefully. It was more the other 2 guys I worked with playing it and having to have better stats then them. Not because the game is good.

    I'm seriously considering waiting for the next gen version of GTA V. Withstand the hype, people!

      Why? I'm quite willing to buy at least 3 licenses for GTA V. Current and next gen console for multiplayer and on pc for crazy mods. I know its a lot of cash, but the amount of hours I'll get out of GTA Online will be well worth the cash I could spend on say 2 years worth of TES Online.

      Last edited 16/09/13 12:06 pm

        Because I have many other things I'm more interested in playing. I bought into the hype for IV, and got about half way through before realising the game was too big, too boring, and both running and driving controlled like crap. I don't resent other people enjoying it; I just don't understand how they did.

        So I figure I'll wait a bit, see if they announce a next gen version some time next year, and maybe pick it up if they have actually addressed my concerns from the previous one.

          The Driving feels closer to Saints Row than GTA 4, its much more responsive and no longer feels like you are driving a shopping cart.

          The camera is also angled a bit higher so you aren't looking up your exhaust while driving.

          The view distance and FPS are a bit crappy though and if you have the willpower I would certainly wait for PS4/PC.

          I am getting it on PS4 for sure and maybe PC if it doesn't have GFWL.

          *Disclaimer* I thought GTA 4 was crap and I never bothered to pass it.

      Waiting for PC.

      And for people to decide whether it's as incredibly dull and boring as GTA4 was.

        Waiting for PS4. My backlog is big enough that it would be out on PS4 by the time I got to play it anyway.

    GTAV street date broken in 3....2....1....

    "This week in Games: Grand Theft Auto V!"

    Hm. I just checked Steam for GTA5 and there's no sign of it. It seems you're wrong, Mark.

    ...*buries head in sand*

    Should have rephrased everything as

    What is it? Something that is not Grand Theft Auto V
    Should you care? You shouldn't; it's not Grand Theft Auto V

    I've never really understood the appeal of GTA games. I'm not saying I don't like them, I just don't get it. Could someone who's played any of previous titles perhaps give me some idea of why its so popular? Is it running around the city shooting people, the story or online matches? Im not really interested in the game at the moment but with all the hype its collected I cant help but feel like I'm missing out on something amazing

      Of course its running around and shooting people. but its also going on motorcycle rides with your friends in the mountains dirt biking four wheeling robbing shit on and on. you are missing out on something amazing do yourself a favor and buy it already. Don't you and a friend want to drive up next to some pussies cycling in your customized low rider and just go 187 on them then cut a hard left onto a golf course so you can run over anyone who might be unfortunate enough to be playing golf at that particular time? (sorry about punctuation)

      I'm same with JRPGs. I never understood the appeal of playing as a tiny boy with big eyes and a giant sword taking turns hitting each other.

      Last edited 16/09/13 2:02 pm

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