Three Guys Pretended To Be Cops To Get GTA V Early

"They posed as cops so they could play as crooks", opens this piece on silive. There's really no better way to put it.

According to reports from the NYPD, three men from Staten Island have been charged after they were caught impersonating police officers in order to cut in line ahead of hundreds of people waiting to buy Grand Theft Auto V from the Staten Island Mall.

One of the three charged was an auxiliary NYPD officer. One was the son of a retired officer. They pulled up in a car (purchased at a police auction) with a "lights-and-siren package installed", and flashed badges in the mall to get to the front of the line.

They were doing a pretty good job of convincing everyone. Apparently a mall guard offered them coffee, while GameStop staff thanked them for the extra security. After flashing badges once again, they were able to buy the game

Things fell apart when they left, though, as they made an illegal u-turn in the fake cop car on the way out. Right in front of a real cop, who was there in an unmarked car.


The three have been charged with second-degree criminal impersonation, and if found guilty could spend up to a year in prison.

NYPD say three posed as police on Staten Island to get early copy of 'Grand Theft Auto V' [SILIVE]


    Why did the real officer get charged? Or is an auxiliary NYPD officer different to a real officer

      An auxiliary officer is similar to a special constable in Australia. They work for the police, they do police-like-but-not-really jobs (e.g. building & mailroom security at government buildings or transporting prisoners), but they're not actually the filth. They're the mall cops that the police use.

      Don't be silly, shithead (do you ever regret that username?). Cops aren't allowed to do whatever they want just because they're cops.

        No. It's a family name, it's pronounced Cheethade.

          Sure its not bouqet?

            Hah, I got that one. nice.

            Old English TV ftw.

              Parents used to watch that when I was a kid. Was amusing. They recently got a DVD of it. F**** I can't stand it.

      Not sure. But I think if they have no sirens on they are basically same as other civilians. So they gotta follow rules like everyone else. Second; he was with the group and in on it. Third; maybe hours he was working on?
      Don't know the laws but could be something along those lines.

      An auxiliary is a volunteer officer. So he wasn't a real police officer but was impersonating one.

      The New York City Police Department Auxiliary Police is a volunteer reserve police force which is a subdivision of the Patrol Services Bureau of the New York City Police Department. Auxiliary Police Officers assist the NYPD with uniformed patrols, provide traffic control, crowd control, and other major events.

    This baffles me, if they were willing to do this to save an hours wait why would they not just download GTA V last week?

    Last edited 18/09/13 2:06 pm

      They probably don't use or have access to a cracked/hacked device.
      Still odd that they're willing to pull a stunt like this to get it a few hours early.

        I'm sure that buying a cracked device is cheaper than a second hand police car.

        Last edited 18/09/13 6:21 pm

    So will this be in the weekly cosplay post?

    Sucked in, that's what you get for cutting in line.

      Haha. Prison for cutting in line?

        What are you in for?

        Impersonating a cop to buy GTA V

        Let the arse poundings begin

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