Tim Cahill Stars In The Most Confusing FIFA Video Ever Made

I love football, I love FIFA and I think Tim Cahill is probably the greatest Australian footballer of all time — but I can't quite get my head around this. Cahill somehow overseeing a parody episode of Aerobics Oz Style doing choreographed versions of different goal celebrations? What... the... hell...

Is it supposed to be funny? Because it just feels... weird, and a little sexist. And what does any of it have to do with football? Is it an attempt to go viral? If so, I guess I'm doing my part by posting it here on Kotaku.

It's just really, really strange. How did this idea even get past the drawing board?

UPDATE: According to EA this clip is part of some global campaign, which appears to be a series of disconnected videos around the theme of 'we are FIFA 14'. Some of them are actually pretty cool! You can check it out here.


    People only really need to know that there's a new FIFA game to make up their mind if they want it or not. All EA Sports games are known quantities at this point.

    This is basically "we have a marketing budget, time for some nostalgia goggles."

    Cahill's cheesy head bob made me laugh. It gets a pass.

    Oh it's a wonderful moment in Kaiserslautern!!

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