Today Sure Is A Good Day For JRPG Fans

Two big JRPGs on tap for today, in addition to this morning's news that the team behind Far Cry 3 is working on their own Japan-inspired role-playing game.

First up is Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix (trailer above), an HD remake of the first Kingdom Hearts, out today on PS3. The remix also includes the new scenes and bosses from the Japan-only Final Mix, videos from the DS game 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, a PS2 remake of a GBA game. Which makes this a PS3 remake of a PS2 remake of a GBA game. We heard you like remakes so we remade your remake so you can remake while you remake.

Also out today is Dragon Fantasy Book 2, a SNES-style role-playing game for PS3 and Vita that looks a lot like Secret of Evermore and plays a lot like Chrono Trigger. It looks lovely.

So, JRPG fans — you getting either of these?


    Pretty sad that a re-release of a game that people who care already played and a release of a satirical western-developed indie 'J'RPG is all that's needed for a 'good day' for JRPG fans.

      Haha love it.

      No this is a BAD day for jrpg fans, it shows how much this mighty genre has fallen. Once king of the PS1 and previous generations has now devolved in a joke where a 7 year long generation has less than 5 worthy games that are of exceeding quality.

      Tales of xillia and F, Lost Odyssey, Ni No Kuni and yeah thats' basically it.

      A few more came close but most were either let down by exceedingly horrible problems or just extraordinarily average in every regard.

      And No those wii games sucked, both xenoblade and the last story, I have standards dammit I wont accept a game just because im desperate. Xeno, was long winded and beyond repetative, far far too slow to advance and entire side quest systems was broken and burnt out the rest of the game. While Last story was just trash, crap combat, crap story entirely forgettable.

      Hell i'm playing FFXIV right now on ps3 (about to hit level cap) and be damned if it isn't a better JRPG than 95% of this entire generation. By god you know its bad when an MMO, specifically hated for lack of story and leveling till end game has an experience better than most single player games.

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        I agree - my post was somewhat sarcastic.

        Valkyria Chronicles as well. I thought Xenoblade was excellent personally but it starts slow and it does plod along at times due to the amount of content and stuff. Probably too long and too unstructured for some. Agree that the Last Story is hot garbage though.

        There were a few good JRPGs that never made it out of Japan on the handhelds - Valkyria 3, FF Type-0, more recent Trails games (we're finally getting Trails in the Sky SC next year but by the time that's out we'll be four games behind again).

        FFXIV:ARR is strong evidence that Squenix can still make this stuff work, but also that they need to have everyone that heads up their games currently step back from production and let new, younger people like Yoshida take the reins.

          Omg i forgot trails, but that is hand held some it doesn't count (there are always at least some good handheld rpgs). That's one of my favorites, so pumped for English 2nd version.

          I tried the first Valkyria chronicles and hated it, i hated out clumsy it was in almost every regard. It was like an imprecise FF tactics or fire emblem.

          I liked xenoblade at first, but steadily the game made me despise it. All those side quests with flat out false directions and that would only happen at X time on X day and if you ran into it before and killed it you bugged it forever. But if you skipped all side quests you were stuck at a lower level and would struggle.

          I got to the 2nd giant statue person thingy when my characters turned all mechanical and that was it, cracked the shits that i had spend like 50 hours or something absurd and realised i started hating it many hours earlier because nothing had happened just endless grind.

    " Today Sure Is A Good Day For JRPG

    You'd *think* that, but we are never pleased.

      Also, KH ReMIX doesn't come out until tomorrow for us, along with Etrian Odyssey IV. The EU PSN store also doesn't update until just after Wednesday midnight in general for Aussies. So, tomorrow will be a good day for Australian JRPG fans.


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    As much as I love the Kingdom Heart series, I'm always rolling my eyes whenever Square does this with their franchise. Just releasing some HD remake, again, or some side story that turns the story even more stupid and confusing then it already was. "Chain of Memories" was stupid, but still managed to fit into KH1 and KH2. Every other game or re-release really does nothing but hurt the franchise. Although I was told that the PSP game wasn't that bad. It also doesn't help that the fangirls have been doing nothing but damaging the series as well.

    Pretty much anytime a new KH was announced, everybodys reaction was usually, "That's nice, but when's KH3?" Now that KH3 has been announced I don't see the point in any more of these re-re-releases anymore. Not that I saw much point to them in the first place.

      To be fair though, neither of the two versions have been released in Australia before, so we're really just catching up rather than getting re-re-releases. Also, Chain of Memories wasn't "stupid", you just didn't like it. It had an interesting combat idea, and tied KH1 and KH2 together.

        Does that mean we're paying extra for a game that came out years ago?

        I didn't say I didn't like Chain of Memories. I just said it was stupid. It was stupid! The game was just a re-telling of KH1 that dragged on at times and the story only got interesting inbetween worlds and at the end. The combat got wierd at times and it was also easily broken. Eventually I just started spamming the "Win Battle" combo cards because it was dragging on too long.

    I sometimes wonder if the reason for the decline of the Japanese games industry is because of the ridiculous names they give to their games?

    I was really hoping to see a Dragon Quest, in English, appear on PS3.

    Serious question: Should I pick up this Kingdom Hearts for PS3?

    I am not a fan. In fact, I never played Kingdom Hearts on any console ever, and when multiple people have tried to explain the plot to me (including lore-in-a-minute and Penny Arcade), my eyes have sort of glazed over (something is attempting to divide by zero in there - I keep rebooting).

    I liked all the FF games up to (but not including) 10, plus 12. Crono Trigger is my 'Best Game in the Entire World'. As far as I'm concerned, Zelda started with 1 on the NES and ended with 4 on the Game Boy.

    I do not give two shits about Disney.

      If you're not a fan, then I'd avoid it. Kingdom Hearts is something for the Disney/Late-Square(FF7-10) crowd, more-so the Disney crowd.

      I'm in the same exact boat. But I'm hoping to give it a spin once there's a major price drop.

      I still have Xillia, GTA V, Diablo III and Skyrim to keep me occupied.

        Indeed, the first RPG i ever owned was FF8 and purcahsed by my mother on a whim for $13 at a video city store when the ps1 was in its prime (and I but a wee child) and I have never played a Kingdom hearts longer than 20 minutes and have never "got it".

        I do recall trying once on some hand held, maybe i used a rom on pc but I recall thinking this is the stupidest thing i had ever seen, what the hell is going on here, this card buisness and im weilding a key with silly demons. I wasn't fond of any of it and never touched a copy again.

        But now that its getting a nice HD release im wondering if I should take the plunge also, though i have a solution for both of us, EB GAMES. Oh yes my favourite rental store :P

        If its crap i'll take it back, if its good i'll take it back and order cheaper online or if its absolutely fantastic and wasn't 2x the price of online i'll keep it.

      Sephiroth and Donald Duck should not be seen in the same video game.

    Is it just me, or does the Dragon Fantasy game looks like it plays painfully slowly?

    Perhaps it's just the size of the characters - what looks fast on a small character looks slow on a larger one.

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