Tokyo Man Already Lined Up For iPhone 5S

Tokyo Man Already Lined Up For iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5s was just announced. Twitter user @Xxxprius isn’t chancing anything. “I went ahead and got the first place in line,” he tweeted. Now, all he has to do is wait. For well over a week.

“I’m lined up at the Ginza Apple Store where the new iPhone 5s launches in 10 days,” @Xxxprius added nearly 20 hours ago. “This might be tough.”

In what has all the trappings of a publicity stunt (for himself, at least), so far, he’s hooked up his iPad and camped out in a lawn chair on the pavement in Tokyo’s swanky Ginza district, live tweeting along the way.

If that’s one thing he has, it’s time to tweet. Oodles of it. Thank goodness for flexible working hours. Or no working hours at all. Whichever!

He’s dealt with rain.

And reporters.

He’s made iPhone friends.

And this is only his first day. Just nine more to go!

iPhone5s,5C発売まで、あと9日 [Twitter]


  • He’s a dickhead. It is simple like that. Waiting for any mass manufactured product which realistically adds little to ones life, particularly if you own the previous iterations is simply a dickhead move. I cannot see any convincing argument for waiting for 9-days out front a store. Even if he doesn’t work, he could read or hangout with friends etc. Thats NEETs for ya.

    • That’s… aggressive. If he has different interests to you it’s no justification for such pure vitriol

    • it’s quite sad really. clearly they do it for the publicity because any smart person would pre order their device and go pick it up on release day.
      what does he doing about shitting, showering, eating? i doubt he’d leave his stuff unattended.

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