Towing Cop Cars, Stabbing Sharks And Other GTA Myths Put To The Test

YouTube's DefendTheHouse put out a Mythbusters-style video for Black Ops 2 earlier this year, and now returns with some sage advice for managing Grand Theft Auto V's bigtime threats — from sharks to police choppers.

My favourite protip is lighting a gasoline trail with your turbocharged sedan's backfire. It's such a passive-aggressive way to blow up a five-car pileup. Someone get a catalytic converter on that thing! Keep these handy tips and tricks in mind whenever you're near bushes. Or the wind farm.

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    This is awesome! I can't believe the backfire does that.

      It's pretty damn cool. :) I love minor details like this.

    I did not know the hiding in the bushes one, that is sweet.

      Yeah I found this out the other night, the cops have gotten smarter for sure, their evasive driving whilst chasing you is rather something Q_Q

    it noted that the shark stabbing is busted.
    But I could see the blood coming from the shark when the knife is swung ???

      It's because the questions were worded inconsistently. Some were worded as X can happen while others as X can't happen.

    Can you stick people in the boot of your car, so you can drive the car off a cliff or into the ocean with them in it?
    That would be cool.

    Whenever I'm about to switch characters I'll jump into a car send send it over a fatal jump or plummeting over an edge and then switch characters while the car is in flight then think to myself 'good luck getting out of that one Michael'

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