Current-Gen Games Can Be Turned Into Next-Gen Games

Turn Your Current-Gen Games Into Next-Gen Games For Just $US10

Torn between buying a big game now or holding out for the next-gen version? Publishers like EA, Activision, Ubisoft and 2K want to take the hassle out of the decision by offering a pretty reasonable way for you to get both.

Over the past month, some of the biggest publishers in the world have revealed plans whereby consumers can purchase a game for the Xbox 360 or PS3 now, then when their successor platforms are released, download the next-gen version of that same game for only $US10.

Some of the games you'll be able to upgrade include:

  • Battlefield 4 (XB1, PS4)
  • FIFA 14 (XB1, PS4)
  • Assassin's Creed IV (XB1, PS4)
  • Watch Dogs (XB1, PS4)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (XB1, PS4)
  • Madden NFL 25 (XB1, PS4)
  • Need For Speed Rivals (XB1)
  • NBA2K14 (XB1)

Some of the titles, like Call of Duty, will even carry over your DLC.

Now, for the fine print. Each major retailer in the US is offering its own take on the offer. Here's where you can find more info on each for the Xbox One:

Sony's plans, meanwhile, aren't quite as laid out right now, though we do know they'll follow the same basic principle of allowing digital downloads of next-gen versions (here's EA mentioning both platforms).


    Why do I get the feeling in Australia it'll be 14.99 :/

      We'll be lucky to get it at all. If we do you'll have to throw the 50% AU tax on top of the exchange rate so it'll either cost a bazillion dollars or $15.99. Either way, I'm not sure that I will want to play a game that I've played for 2-3 months on a new console.

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    this is how i see it . They would of created the game for next gen console to start with ... then add the limiting software to tune it back to an 8 year old machine!. Then charge people for deactivation of limiting software.

      But wait. If you buy two copies for the current gen you pay twice as much and it's still not deactivated. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

      Architecturally it's not that simple. But even if it was, how is it a bad thing exactly? At least this way you get the option to play on current hardware.

      Yeah there is so much wrong with this comment. If you honestly think that is how it is done then I suggest you visit a game studio and see how difficult it is.

    It would be fantastic if they could also import the games saved progress as well to the new console. It would make purchasing games such as GTA V a lot easier if I knew I could upgrade to Next-Gen later on and not loose my progress.

      It's "lose", not "loose" ... I'm sorry, but I reelie can't stand poeple who carnt spell propherlee. :P

      My thoughts exactly mate. You would think with Microsoft's cloud capabilities they'll be able to do it... Fingers crossed.

    Was just reading about this,
    I was Indesicive about buying BF4, but now I've just preordered my Premium and a deluxe edition for the 360.
    Happy to pay the 10-15 dollars.

    Not announced for Australia yet.

      Check the EB games website, they have a banner saying so on the next gen copies of BF4.

        That looks like it's about transferring your level progression and Season Pass from current to nextgen, not about upgrading from one version to the next for $x.

      This is good news, but a pretty shoddy article given that it has no reference to what's going on in Australia.

    This is basically for people without patience lol

      To a certain extent, you're right. But on the other hand, it helps with games like Battlefield and COD because of their continuing insistence on this idiotic system of starting with peashooters and having to unlock decent weapons and equipment as you play. I'm not planning on getting a PS4 until probably around February / March next year. By then BF4 has been out for 4 or 5 months. If I start playing then I'll just get smashed because everybody else will be running around with decent gear and I'm stuck with the beginner's loadout. So at least this way I can buy the PS3 version at launch so I've got a level playing field, and then have my progress carry over to the PS4 version so when I upgrade in 4 or 5 months I want be just starting out against people who have unlocked all the equipment.

        It took me about 2 days of playing BLOPs 2 to get decent enough gear to be competitive. I don't always top the leaderboard, but it's more the ping and my lack of skill that prevent, not the weapons. Also, with games like BLOPs 2, they reset your weapons every 50 levels if you want, so that's not an issue.

        Last edited 18/09/13 1:11 pm

        what are you on? BF3 weapons are so well balanced in each class it doesnt matter if you stay with teh starting weapons. heck alot of people DO stay with them. pea shooters my ass.

          How many of those people are using those guns without any kind of scope? How often as an engineer have you taken a chopper down with just the plain old RPG instead of Stinger / IGLA? Or managed to take out a tank as a support class without using C4? Or, in a chopper, been able to evade an incoming missile without flares? Or been in a tank and avoided a guided missile without IR smoke?

          There is absolutely no reason to be locking this stuff away from people. It's not like the game suddenly becomes less enjoyable once you've unlocked everything. Quite the opposite - it becomes a hell of a lot better once you can just choose the gear you want / need for a given situation. Players who have been playing for longer already have an advantage over newer players just due to practice and knowledge of the maps and knowing which weapons tactics work in which situations. That's enough of an advantage without also denying the new players access to the same equipment as everybody else.

            scopes are customization and not needed, 10 kills in and you've got one anyway so who cares?

            shoot choppers down with rpgs all the time, i never use stiglas (theyre dirty and for noobs)

            dont really use support class because its shit anyway.

            i dont run flares in a chopper, just terain to cover anyway because flares are unreliable

            (p.s. i used to run a clan that came 2nd in an australia wide comp :P)

            I can honestly say its not the equipment that does it but the player skill. as far as weapon balance within classes go though, you'd be fine with any.

              p.s. i used to run a clan that came 2nd in an australia wide comp :P

              Really? Is this you, by any chance? :P

              I can honestly say its not the equipment that does it but the player skill.

              But if that's the case then why not just make all the equipment available at the start? It's not truly about player skill until the rest of the playing field is level.

                People like having something to aim to unlock. Its half the fun. If you're new to the game and really want to you can just purcahse the unlock packs anyway.

    I wonder, what if I was to buy for 360, could I then get the PS4 version?

    I wonder what this says about anticipation of next gen console sales... and I wonder if it's being subsidised by console manufacturors in the hopes it drives adoption...

      I think it's more a case of them wanting people to buy games on release. If it's coming out on both then they don't want people doing what I'm likely to do and just say "I'll wait until I get my next gen console to buy Watch Dogs". But then if I don't buy my next gen console for another 6 months then there will probably be other games around at the time that I'll want, and so I'll end up not getting Watch Dogs at all. Or I'll get it, but by then it'll probably be in the bargain bin at half price, when I would have paid full price if I'd just bought it on launch day on my current gen console.

        I can see that... but $10 is not a lot of money when weighed against what goes into production.

        Or, are they just not expecting may people to buy the second copy?

    Seeing fifa is coming free with the Xbox one, this would be pointless.....

      I think FIFA is only free with pre-orders, though, isn't it? So for the vast majority of people who just walk into a shop to their XBone rather than pre-ordering, this is still handy.

        And while stocks last, the upgrade is only available for one month after launch too but yeah I guess still handy

    I've been chasing this up with EB Games/Activision/Sony/EA since I first heard about it -
    Got a reply from EB Games yesterday:

    "Unfortunately at this time we have no confirmation that we will be participating in this offer.
    The best way to see if we do confirm it would be keep an eye on the website our Facebook and Twitter pages.
    We hope this has helped to answer your question."

    Strange since they are owned by Gamestop...

    Meanwhile my PC can play pretty much any PC game ever made </masterrace>

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    As far as I'm concerned they should just sell a double-pack where you get a 360 version as well as a Xbone version in the same box. That would get very good publicity and goodwill.

      I think they're too worried that people will just split the cost with their mates, so one gets the XBone version and the guy who hasn't upgraded yet gets the 360 version. Thus their 2 sales ends up just being one sale.

        Who cares? It will help next gen consoles fly into peoples homes. Some people will split it, but not enough will. It's also a great deal if your in a family that when the parents get a fancy new xboone, the kids get a 360 for themselves/rumpus room.

        So IMO, even though they'd theoretically make a little less money, it would be a fantastic push for next-gen and imcrease the install base early. eg:
        - customer that wants to get a xbone in the future can buy now and know he has a game to play on it, but doesn't have to wait to actually enjoy his purchase (locked in extra value)
        -customer with only a 360 and wasn't committed now gets the game he was always going to buy, but included is the next-gen version with stuff he might be missing out on (he's already halfway there)

          True, but I don't think selling next gen consoles is that big a problem for them at this stage - I think pre-orders are pretty much sold out, so their problem is more about producing enough consoles to meet demand rather than generating even more demand. Maybe next year after the initial sales spike settles down and people can just walk into a shop and get a new console off the shelf then they'll need to start worrying about that kind of extra value adding.

            yeah that's true that the consoles will sell regardless. I just think a big push is good early since old console players make you no money if your a publisher focusing on next-gen development (even though the devs say they will support older consoles, the buzz and excitement is no longer there)

    This is a fair deal. Just need to wait to see what they'll do in Australia.

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