Ubisoft Is Holding A Trials World Championship -- Australians Can Enter

Probably my favourite thing about Trials Evolution is this: it's a skill that can be learned. It's always possible to get better at Trials. The skill cap is astronomical and becoming really good at this game requires effort. So I'm glad Ubisoft is putting together a world championship for Trials Evolution, because if you're the best in the world at this gosh-durn game, you deserve to be rewarded.

Interestingly, for a 'world' championship, only a select handful of countries are eligible for entry: the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan and Australia.

Entering the comp is pretty simple — the in-game leaderboards will do most of the work. Players just need to download a new track on Track Central called TWC 1, releasing on September 11 (possibly tomorrow for us here in Australia...) and TWC 2, releasing on September 18. The top six players will advance to the next round.

The final round will take place in Paris at Paris Games Week hosted by Ubisoft. The top four players in both the Xbox and PC brackets will a trip to Paris to take part in the final. The winner will receive an in-game statue of himself in RedLynx's next major Trials release, Trials Fusion, on next-gen consoles. Players will also get the chance to win a high end PC or a PlayStation 4.

More details on the competition can be found here.


    I nominate @fatshadylive to represent Australia...

      He's not exactly confident: https://twitter.com/FatShadyLive/status/377428840345112577
      My dreams of a trip to Paris are over before it starts.. MAN the top Trials riders are insanely good :( Good luck all! #TrialsEvo

    The professor will have to get rid of the teaching hat and go into speedrun lockdown to get close.... those top guys are off the planet with those times..... track releases at 1am euro time apparently so it "should" be up soon....

    This competition is unfairly bias towards people who are good. I demand a second category to reward the worst people.

    At least that way I'd stand a chance.

      Nah then people would just intentionally screw up. What they need is a "Bless him, at least he tried" category for people who are reasonably good, like top 1000

    seems like fat shady has a shot. Root for him fellow Kotaku readers!

    I can do most of the stages in Trials Evo in the top few hundred, a few in the top 100... but that last set of stages makes me want to pull my face off with frustration... haha.

    I think I passed two of them then gave up.

    Last edited 11/09/13 2:32 pm

    @ezk I've platinum'd every track and skill game in HD and Evolution. You just gotta keep on it. The things that seems absolutely impossible now, will eventually become possible the more you ride.

    I'm currently 1100th in the world so I don't think I have a shot at this tourney. I wonder what Fat Shady's rank is.

    Last edited 11/09/13 3:11 pm

      I bow to your awesomeness sir shadow..... Those extremes are still just out of platinum reach for me :) Shady is in the 200's I think - your 1100th makes my 4000's ranking feel a bit sad....

        The platinums on insane just require time. Once you learn the basic techniques, keep going at it because every time you fault your brain learns something subconsciously. You don't know you're learning it, but you are, and as you suffer thousands of faults you're learning constantly until you just seem to know how your bike is going to bounce and behave. You won't know how you're jumping that little bit further but you just will. I honestly don't realize I'm getting better until I look back at my old replays and just laugh at how bad I was and it becomes clear that I've (very slowly) improved greatly.

        Just keep playing.

        Last edited 11/09/13 5:44 pm

          3 to go..... Inferno and ninja are going to take a while..... :)

            Dude, if you've only got 3 left then you're definitely good enough to do the rest, it's really only a matter of time.

            Personally I think Ninja is harder than Inferno cause it's longer and there's more chance of making a mistake. Also, one little tip, mute the music, it kills my concentration.

            Here's my Inferno run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jbOUvclGiw&list=PL5E31766E25130C22

            Last edited 11/09/13 6:13 pm

              It may only be a matter of time, but my controller thumbstick may be worn down to a stub by the time I get there.... big props to fatshady as he not only gave me some great tips but reminded me that beating the game is not the most important thing..... enjoying the journey is the most important part. So when I am faceplanting, drowning, exploding, and generally failing, I am at least usually laughing at myself rather than cursing my lack of ability....

                Dude, that's really good advice. My best runs occur within the first couple of hours of playing. If you try too hard or start getting angry you lose your edge. You gotta enjoy it. Taking a break and trying later is key.

                Sometimes I stop working an extreme track and take a ride for fun. I pick a long easy track where you can just enjoy the momentum and speed (like in Cars when race car Lightning McQueen takes a drive 'just for fun'). Sometimes I like to go into the editor and just open a blank world and put down a start point and then drop an end point halfway across the world and then I enjoy riding along the curves of the land. Sometimes you can complete it, sometimes you can't. It's just fun to aimlessly ride.

                  really good advice. When getting frustrated on extremes, I suggest attempting it each night for no more than say 10-20 mins each time you play, then do other stuff. you will eventually keep coming back to it and it just gets easier and eventually it will just all come together.

                  @fatshadylive I can't do 10-20 minutes at a time. It's just so addictive when you've got a track down to 1-5 faults and I know a platinum is near. 10 minutes turns into 30 minutes turns into 4am. I have a marathon mentality. But when I hit that rage point I have to tear myself away from the game cause I'm no good at that stage.

                  Well, I started just playing "for a minute or 2...." at 9:30..... I thought I would try out the TWC1 to see what was there, and did a messy clear run, and thought "I wonder what time I really did for this... " which was almost exactly the same.... hence two hours trying to improve it.... 4 seconds better in the end, but it just sucks you in so bad.....

          I sort of felt satisfied with Golds on everything. Platinums on Insane feel impossible.

            The good thing about golds is they count as full completion. So if you have gold on every track in a section it'll say '100%'.

    It's almost like this community knows that I enjoy this game :)

    but batguy is right. Honestly I have no chance.

    Good luck.. I really hope there is some Aussie representation there but given the US and EU players, the chances are slim. There are a couple of guys that have a chance so good luck to all.

      What ever happened to Lestropie?

      Last edited 11/09/13 5:45 pm

        He doesn't play any more. I have spoken to him from time to time and seems like a cool bloke, just has other priorities and commitments these days. I tried to meet up with him at PAX as he is in VIC but that didnt happen sadly.

          He was my idol back in the day. It was cool seeing an Aussie on the top of the boards too. I sent him a message once saying g'day and he took the time to have an exchange with me which is nice cause he probably got a lot of messages.

    Bleh... Paris..... I'll pass....

    I love how that you can enter via XBOX, and possibly win a PS4...

    Good luck to all that enter!

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