Up Close With The New PS Vita Slim

Up Close with the New PS Vita Slim

Sony is making a new PS Vita. It's lighter and slimmer. You've seen the promotional images, sure. But what's it actually like? Gamers in Japan give their opinions.

Sony rolled out kiosks for the slim PS Vita in Japan so gamers can get a hands-on with the revamped machine. As previously mentioned, the new Vita is 20 per cent thinner and 15 per cent lighter. It is also outfitted with a 5-inch LCD screen, which replaces the OLED display in the current model.

Up Close with the New PS Vita Slim

Twitter user @HIKALUKE, who got his hands on the new Vita, remarked that it was thinner than imagined, adding that the reverse side uses a smooth silicone rubber style grip that feels nice. Another Twitter user, @Yottra, said that, of course, dark areas on the screen seem to look better on the current OLED screen.

Up Close with the New PS Vita Slim

However, that doesn't mean the new LCD looks bad — it doesn't mean that in the least. @Yottra said the new PS Vita has a "very fine LCD panel," adding that the new Vita "certainly is thin!" It certainly is.

Up Close with the New PS Vita Slim

Twitter user @rorikonnane also said that the new Vita is "considerably light."

Up Close with the New PS Vita Slim
Up Close with the New PS Vita Slim
Up Close with the New PS Vita Slim
Up Close with the New PS Vita Slim

Photos: @Satoru_00q. @Yottra, @HIKALUKE, @Watch_Akiba, Seiyu Fan, @rorikonnane


    I hope the screen ends up looking better than it appears here


      Sorry man if you expect that - OLED is prime, but this screen and subsequent price reduction isn't anything to scoff at. If you want the best buy OLED before they are gone (which I doubt they are in short supply of) - but I wouldn't be disappointed with the new screen and overall other enhancements/adjustments to make the console more affordable.

      I love my ps vita :)

        I love mine too. I more concerned about new owners! OLED users unite!

          Who cares about the new owners - those peasants don't even get OLED :P MUAHAHAHAR - jokes :)

    People need to chill. The LCD doesn't look that bad. It might not have the popping colours like the OLED but LCD has advantages. Especially if it's a good LCD display. The current OLED is a little lacking compared to on things like Samsung galaxies, whereas with a cheaper screen to manufacture, they may well bump up the quality and give us something that looks a little crisper despite the colours.

      I'll probably grab an LCD version in the next revision or so. I just picked up a second OG Vita when EB had a sale on for $199. So that's my backup Vita (also for ad hoc with friends) until my first OG Vita breaks (hopefully not soon).

      The OLED screen on the Vita also has some issues with burn-in which the LCD shouldn't have.

      For some reason, the most misinformed people are crapping on LCD (probably first gen Vita owners) based on that super janky and not-at-all-scientific comparison. The same guy seems to have taken another photo of Uncharted and now the new one looks better with actual browns.


        You say it looks better, I just see a dark image (on both) but the LCD has a yellow hue to boot.

    Clearly Sony aren't happy with how much funds they've blown on the Vita already.

    aaaaaaand now I want Hatsune Miku on my Vita. I feel like there's a lot of great content (especially visual novels) I'm missing out on because only the big hits get Western releases. Time to learn another language.
    Also, I have the current Vita model and actually prefer it to the way this looks. Although I would still be interested to get a hands-on impression with the Vita Slim

      Well, not the same but Miku is available in English on the AU PSN store - has been there for a week or so.. nothing about the Vita version (which I would buy as I have the JPN PS3 version)

      You will not be disappointed with Miku. That game is BEAST! So catchy the tunes and also cute idol moments. I imported from Play-Asia the Japanese version (I don't read Japanese that well) but it was easy to get to grips with. Already got the platinum but still playing regularly. What a game!

      The Vita's region free. You can easily import a physical copy of Project Diva f for the Vita from Japan or Asia and play it. You don't really need any Japanese to be able to play it either, maybe a tiny amount to figure out the menus the first few times.

      Personally I found the addition of the touch screen swipe stuff they added for the Vita release to be a step backward from the PSP versions though. PS3 version (which is available in English now) has you use the analog stick instead and that's much cleaner & easier to hit IMO.

    I noticed it doesn't have the "accessory" port up the top like the current vita model. Do we know if Sony will ever do anything with that port?

    I love the new Start and Select buttons - better than the ones on the Vita now, which I find far too small to press

      I'm hoping they'll do a revision with clickable analog sticks, or analog sticks with a bit more dead zone.

        I want this, but all concave!!!! I don't know how many times I've tried to click them though :P

          I have to agree with both of you, it doesnt seem right to press circle in KZ:M to run, when I should be clicking in the R analog stick!

            well I don't know if it's still the case, but during the beta for multi you have to tap the back touch pad to run - I haven't played multi yet, so I don't know if it's change...or you could always press 'o' and I'm just a noob who used the touch pad :P

    no what would be a great function for this version of the PS Vita GAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    Hi I'm looking at buying a vita should I wait till the new one or just get the old one ? And is there any good games for the vita other then kill zone

    Last edited 15/09/13 7:18 am

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