Vladimir Putin Is An Artist

Vladimir Putin Is An Artist

While visiting a school in Russia's Kurgan region, President Putin drew this. It's not what you probably think it is. Apparently.

When a student asked him what he drew, Putin replied that it was a cat from behind. Oh. I thought it was a vagina. Or a penis. Or a vagina penis.

Just think of what Putin could do on Nintendo 3DS's Swapnote. Then again, maybe don't.

プーチン大統領が絵の腕前披露、生徒困惑 [TBS] Putin Draws Picture of Cat's Behind During School Visit [The Moscow Times]


    I thought it was a rocket flying downwards, a reference to their space program perhaps?

    *ticks off "vagina" from Bashcraft Bingo*

    "Vladimir Putin is an Asshole" I fixed that spelling mistake for you no need to thank me

    Last edited 07/09/13 2:36 am

      Putin is a Bond villain

    I can see a cat... right up until he draws in the labia minor

      It makes sense, he just needs to rub out the line between the back legs haha.

        It looks like he's about to do that but then the gif loops.

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