Want To Be Part Of The Dark Souls II Beta?

Dark Souls is great. It just is. It's arguably one of the greatest games of the last five years and now we're on the cusp of Dark Souls II, which I am hoping will also be great. We knew there would be a beta for Dark Souls II, but now Sony is opening up applications for that beta. Come one come all.

Head here for more information and head here to download the beta registration ticket if you want to cut out the middle man — although I guess I am, technically, the middle man here!

Anyone interested in trying to get into the beta? Or do you want to wait until the game itself is released Let us know in the comments below and, while we're here, let's talk about how good Dark Souls is.

So good.


    I signed up but I think I should devote my time to Dark Souls. I only just killed Quelaag yesterday.

    I just haven't put much time into the game since July (or at all, really, my play time is about 9 hours). It's something that I can only play with in small chunks and a lot of the time I load up and can't decide where I want to go.

    Looks like I'm going to Sen's Funhouse next. Yay? \o/

      As long as you get to Anor Londo! :D

        I'm going to get to the Kiln of the First Flame... eventually.

      I still haven't beaten her yet :(

        She was surprisingly easy (phrasing). Went the back way into Blighttown and couldn't find a bonfire near her, so I just poked her with a spear until she stopped spewing lava. Seemed pretty successful.

        I managed to get through the Depths and Blighttown fairly quickly, to the point that I felt like I had to go grind Darkroot Garden to try and get back on track.

          The bonfire is to the right of all the pillars in the poison swamp, before you get to her "mound", just before the wooden wheel that takes you back up and out. It's in a little stone sewerage type inlet.

        Don't summon Maneater Mildred. Make sure your main weapon is at least +5, +10 for preference. Apply the lightning resin to your weapon. Stay close to her, but stay on her offhand side to avoid her sword AOE. Dont lock on, and watch out for the spider putting its head down, that means it's going to do its big AOE. Oh, and don't get caught in a corner, because standing in lava really sucks.

        If you're a caster, then summon Maneater and spam Queelag with Heavy Soul arrows.

        If you're an archer, summon Maneater. Stand well back from the fight, and shoot arrows into the human part of Queelag, as this will stun lock her. Don't lock on, as it will target the spider part of her body, and your arrows will do jack crap.

        Godspeed, Serrels.

        Go to the lower Blighttown bonfire as human. Kill Mildred. Summon her before Quelaag's fog gate and let her aggro the attention away from you. Equip a decent bow and large arrows. Keep your equip load below 25% for quick dodging. Just stay away from her AOE attacks and turn her into a pin cushion.

        I've beaten Quelagg on new game+ at level 1, the trick is this - dodge rolls are OP versus her, especially if you have the dark wood grain ring and under 25% load.
        Basically rolls don't work the way you think they should. If she swings at you while you are rolling, EVEN IF SHE CLEARLY HITS YOU, you take no damage. Rolls make you invincible in some situations.

    Nope, I'm being a total fan-boy for once and holding out till the game's official release. I'm so excited at the prospect of playing Dark Souls 2 from day one! Think of it, no Wiki pages, no extensive equipment guides already prepared. It'll just be one massive community working through and discussing every single angle of the game together while getting their asses beat again and again!

    It's been a very long time since I took a day off work for a game release, but I might just do it for DS2.

    I did this yesterday. I am prepared to die.


    Do I start my New Game Plus?

    Do I grab Demon's Souls while cheap?

    Do I wait for this?

    Praise the Sun.

    for some reason PSN store doesnt like me. cant get in. but im not gona give up, this cant be worst than getting killed in dark souls.

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    Got the Platinum Trophy for this a couple of months ago, totally signing up :)

    I got it but it doesn't appear in my download list, is that right or do I have to download it as well?

    I bought Dark Souls on steam during Summer Sales and it is a game that has blown me away ever since. The world is amazing, discovery and secrets and the thrill of what could be just around the next corner. 90 hours in and nearly finished new game plus. Can not wait to do it all again.

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