Want Xbox One To Stand Up? Microsoft Says 'Do It At Your Own Risk'

Want Xbox One to Stand Up? Microsoft Says

If you had dreams of standing up an Xbox One on its side to save valuable desk/shelf/table space, you may want to rethink the layout of your next-gen gaming shrine. Microsoft says that the Xbox One isn't designed to be used in a vertical orientation.

Talking to GameSpot UK, senior director of product management and planning Albert Panello said the following:

"We don't support vertical orientation; do it at your own risk… it wouldn't be a cooling problem, we just didn't design the drive for vertical. Because it's a slot loading drive, we just didn't design it for both".

The vertical-vs-horizontal conundrum has been rumbling since the console was revealed this spring. But looking back at the various images and presentations of the Xbox One, it becomes glaringly apparent that the hardware's never been shown in a vertical orientation. Now, Microsoft isn't saying that the console won't operate at all standing on its side but that it wasn't made to be used that way. So, if you feel like gaming on the edge when the console comes out on November 22, turn that thing around. If it ends in tears, you were warned.

[Via Gamespot UK]


    probably should've rethought the design then. make it with slanted sides or something so it cant stand up because this is going to cause customer returns for sure

    This is really stupid. If you have your consoles on a desk like me, vertical consoles is a must to save space.

      Consoles... Doin it wrong

    I found my ps3s ran better and cooler laying flat but that being said all my 360s are vertical except for the 360e and logically laying the drive flat is the safer way it's gravity don't fuck with it

    Kind of a bummer, but it seems like there's no vents on the top, so possibly able to stack something else on top of it? I don't know, I'm always wary about stacking consoles like that.

      I'm pretty sure half if the top of the console is a giant vent. Could be wrong but that's exactly what it looks like to me.

    Geez, how is this a problem? Just hang it from the roof like everyone else.

    Something else PS4 can do that the "Mighty" Xbone cannot...

    Because it’s a slot loading drive, we just didn't design it for both
    Wii has a vertical slot drive though....

      ...that also accepts the NGC disks.
      ...i'm still annoyed the WiiU doesn't support NGC backwards-compatibility...even though I have my NGC out, but still, HDMI upscaling of the NGC would be sexy...but that's just a nice to have.

      And so does the Wii U, and the PS3, and the PS4, and they're all designed to stand upright as well as sit horizontally. So is the Xbone drive just shit?

    The xbone just cant catch a break. I have to sqeeze my next system in a space left by an old wii, so this only reinforces my decision to go ps4 this gen.

    Isn't the PS4 charging you 30 bucks to stand your PS4 vertically?? Requires 30 buck plastic stand that costs Sony 3 cents to make. JB catalog lists a 30 buck vertical stand for PS4.

      Those things are usually optional. I bought a PS3 vertical stand just for added stability, and for the fact that it had a pretty blue light around the base :)

        I've always stood my Wii vertically without the stand....just depends on how safe your setup is.
        Got kids? Get a stand.....

      No, Sony is not charging you to stand your PS4 vertically. They're selling an optional (official) accessory to give extra stability to your console if you so choose. I'm guessing like with previous consoles, there will be a bevy of 3rd party plastic stands that do exactly the same thing.

    I knew that I couldn't stand Xbox One a long time ago...

    "Xbox one won't work underwater"

    How is this seriously a concern... I dunno, I've always had my consoles horizontally because it makes more sense to me (from playing atari/nes/snes/megadrive/gamecube etc). It just seems to be that anytime an article is run about apple or ms it just gets flamed, even for the stupidest of things.

    hmm, this is a huge issue I just realised... I've preordered a Xbox One, but I just realised that the dimensions of my Ikea Expedit Cube mean I either "Risk it" and run it vertically, Or I am going to have to do some pretty hardcore re-arranging... Or... PS4

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