Watch 13 Minutes Of Dark Souls II Gameplay And Despair

For many, Dark Souls is the greatest game of this generation. That's not hyperbole. That's a fact. So it goes without saying that there is a select group of people rabidly anticipating its sequel, Dark Souls II. I am part of that group, and I have just spent the past 15 minutes watching this gameplay footage of the game. JOIN ME IN DESPAIR.

The good kind of despair. The despair of knowing that you will play this video game. You will die frequently. You will become absorbed by this world and you will neglect your family and friends. This is your fate.

I hope Dark Souls II lives up to the quality of its predecessor. I really hope so. I need this game to be good.



    The person that uploaded this has more videos on their channel. Not many but I get the feeling that if From doesn't issue takedowns, there will probably be more soon.

    Although the content was good, the person playing it seemed to have no idea what they were doing.

    I started playing Dark Souls over the weekend, It beat me, traded it in this morning. This looks good but life is to short

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      No! NOOOOOO! Life is pain, Dark Souls is pain, ergo, Dark Souls is LIFE. Try again and again until you learn, if you're not crying then you're not having fun! (SARCASM/JOKE TAG)

      I did a similar thing. Played it for a couple of days and ended up giving up because it was so brutal. I went back to it around a month or two later though and absolutely love it now!

    So has it been confirmed to have drop in/drop out coop - cause that would be cool.

    I'm really scared with how the publishers view the franchise. They want to spend a couple of million on advertisement and basically treat the game like Call of Duty.

      That seems like it would be... incredibly unwise. Dark Souls isn't like some block-party Call of Duty where all you do is tell as many people as possible to rock up and you know they'll have fun.
      It's more like a BDSM club with an exclusive membership list, with potential members being carefully vetted and coached to ensure they're of a mindset which might enjoy it, and to ensure they don't have a horrible experience out of being unprepared.

      Inflicting Dark Souls on the unsuspecting is more like assault than gift.

        The publisher said they're trying to appeal to a wider audience. Stating they want to get the Skyrim players to buy Dark Souls 2.

          Sure, that's what they want. It's not what they'll get. They might be able to successfully improve the number of people who play the game, but I can just about guarantee they'll dramatically increase the percentage of copies that get returned and raged about in user reviews.

          DS is not homogenous. You can't slip it into just any gamer's diet. They kind of have to seek it out, tacitly giving permission for DS to do the terrible things to them that it's going to. Anyone else is going to feel violated and possibly tricked - unless the marketing campaign is basically, "No really, this is bitch-ass hard and you probably aren't hard enough to handle it, pussy."

            That's what they did to Dark Souls.

            "So Demon Souls was really hard and turned a lot of people off, what can you say about the difficulty for this game?"
            "We made it way harder. We made it way harder."

            Given that all the trailers ive seen so far show the player dying repeatedly (What other game ad shows that? None that I know of) I don't think anyone will be able to claim they weren't warned :)

          And if you actually watched the dev videos, you'd know this doesn't mean making it easier.

          Accessible doesnt necessarily = easy. In this case, it means explaining some of the arcane systems at work in DS.

            I didn't say it would be easier. I said they're giving the niche game a marketing budget akin to Tomb Raider. Dark Souls was "successful" making 2 million. Tomb Raider was a "failure" at somthing like 4 million.

          Love it, the Skyrim devs operate on an ethos of 'play it any way you want' versus Dark Souls which offers diversity in play style but is as far from open and accessible as it gets. Long time friend who never games got hooked on Skyrim, Dark Souls will drive away many 'gamers' with its style, let alone your unwashed masses.

          As a Skyrim / Witcher player, I don't think so. This seems like RPG heroin to the Beer / Weed of the others. I'm with transient.

    SO prepared to die all over again.

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