Watch A Guy Stare At Realistic Naked Bodies. Thanks, Virtual Reality.

Watch A Guy Stare At Realistic Naked Bodies. Thanks, Virtual Reality.

Just when you thought the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset couldn't get any more impressive, enter this demo, which uses scans of real-life models to make ultra realistic humans for your enjoyment.

This is your 'this isn't safe for work' warning!

Although LipowitzFilms only walks around and looks at the (incredibly tall) models, the possible applications for this sort of tech are huge — especially when you throw in the Razer Hydra, a motion controller.

He mentions a few of the possible applications, and sure, the most immediate one that comes to mind has to do with porn. I mean, heck, this demo is mostly naked people, so that shouldn't be surprising.

Wanna see the demo without the Oculus Rift or dude? Here ya go.

It's the sort of demo you can only really run on a 'next-gen PC' according to Infinite-Realities, the creators. That's worth noting because, yes, you can download this if you'd like.

Don't wanna look at naked bodies? Well, OK. Have this image, which showcases how detailed this scanning tech is.

Watch A Guy Stare At Realistic Naked Bodies. Thanks, Virtual Reality.


    Oculus Rift sex simulator => total collapse of human civilisation aka Lucy Liu-Bots.

    This team is amazing they have released 3 demos so far and they are just incredible.
    It will be interesting when they start try to animate them, they look great as statues but trying to get them to have full human like movement will be tricky.

      I do MoCap and it wouldn't be that hard. Hardest part would be getting there hands on a decent MoCap setup.

        rigging for Mocap is a bitch, there is always one stray Vertice or the mesh wont collapse just right, or the muscular set up fails and breaks the collision program >.

    Not sure what they mean by "next gen pc" I just ran it on my over 1yr old modest spec pc no issues solid 60fps (560Ti 16gb ram 4.4ghz AMD 8core).

      Next gen is usually brand new console or 2 year old pc.

    These look really good when still, but you can bet your libido that once they start to move they'll drop so far into the uncanny valley that they'll need all the creepy, jerky climbing ability they've got to get out.

      Once you've scanned the body, the next step is motion capture. These days you don't even need a fancy MoCap suit. Superimposing an actor's face on a stunt-person's body was done way back in Jurassic Park, so putting [for example] Tom Cruise's face on a gay porn actor would probably be fairly easy.

        There are very few "real" looking CG characters that don't fall head first in to the uncanny valley. I expect this to be no different. I'd love to be wrong, but I don't see it happening without insane budgets and incredibly time consuming production. Given the current level of technology, even that may not be enough.

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