Watch Dogs: 12 Minutes Of New Footage

The big surprise of E3 2012, Watch Dogs momentum continued through to E3 2013, but since then it's all gone a little bit quiet. Perhaps it was the GTA V factor, perhaps Ubisoft wanted to focus on other titles, but it seems like we haven't seen or heard from Watch Dogs in a while. Until now.

The footage above is taken from a stage demo at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

I'm excited about this game because it feels like the culmination of something — of previous open world games from Ubisoft, of various different mechanics borrowed from games like Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, even Driver: San Francisco. Much like Grand Theft Auto V borrowed from other Rockstar games like Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption, Watch Dogs seems to cherry pick the best parts of various games, moulding them into something unique and, above all, interesting.

'Interesting' is a bland description, but it's the only word I can think of to describe Watch Dogs. It takes a genuine talking point of our age — hacking, access, privacy — and shoehorns it into its game mechanics pretty seamlessly. I'm a bit worried about it all devolving into gunplay at the end, but of all the next generation games being released this year, this might be the one I'm most excited about.

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    I used to be SUPER excited for this game and now I'm having nothing but doubts.

    I think its because when i compare what i've seen to GTA V, i see it as inferior and its next gen, so its not allowed to be inferior. So my mind is conflicted.

    I'll still get it anyway though.

    I should probably elaborate, I typically only watch enough of an upcoming game to decide if i want to try/buy it and from that point I pretty much never look at stuff again (so many spoilers in trailers these days its absurd)

    so i haven't really seen alot of watchdogs, and the part im most concerned about is the hacking. The parts I have seen and the trailers are all taking advantage of split second decisions to hack the lights or a pop up guard rail and things like this that. What i gather from that is in real time gameplay this kind of stuff wont be nearly as "cool" well executed or easy to pull off leaving the game a generic GTA clone with hacking that didn't work.

    And that is probably the biggest doubt i have about it, that and UBI have a bad track record with open world games for me (Hate far cry, Hate how they milked assassins creed (only liked the first and it was more a test run)) so im hesitant of their ability to deliver outside of the hacking mechanic as well.

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      You REALLY missed some trailers I am disappoint son go watch!

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      How exactly does this look inferior to GTA5?
      We haven't been shown this size of the city yet.
      Visually it's heaps better
      Seems like there is heaps to do both story and free-play. Once you take out GTA's gimmicks like yoga, golf or mountain biking I think there will probably be more to do in Watchdogs.
      The multiplayer could be a gimmick or could be good.
      Introduces new gameplay mechanics.
      GTA has never done stealth very well, while WD looks like it does both stealth and action.

      Go watch the 14minute official gameplay trailer. It's quite interesting.

      I like GTA but I'm heaps more excited about WD.

        So i just watched that 14 minute gameplay trailer, blew me away. So much so that I wonder why it wasn't released way back. (I had previously seen a number of trailers including one of the 6-7 minute mission ones where you needed to help some guy escape during from his apartment, which sucked by comparison)

        Definitely got rid of my doubts xD (And will keep the Ded sec XBOne copy i had pre ordered)

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    Graphics definately not living up to expectations, but the game looks half decent. Definately looking to be worth a $60 buy.

    Can't wait to pick this up at launch when I get my PS4. Getting the Vigilante edition, along with AC4 Buccaneer edition, BF4, KS:Sf and FIFA 14... I have loved everything they have shown off of the game ever since it's announcement. November 29th can't come any sooner.

    Guys, Why are you even comparing them, going by this video, Watch dogs is looking amazing! GTA 5 too is amazing! No need to compare them, just enjoy both of them of what they are, finely crafted pieces of awesome!

    Apart from the hideous mini map the game looks quite spectacular and seems to cross splinter cell with assassins creed which are both good things

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