Watch People Playing Capcom's Big PS4 Game, Right Here

Watch People Playing Capcom's Big PS4 Game, Right Here

Since, well, practically none of you will actually be in attendance at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony have thoughtfully decided to livestream one of their consoles that has a playable build of Deep Down, Capcom's fancy big PS4 title.

You can watch it below. It'

Live streaming video by Ustream



    It's... not very fluid at all...

    I can't see anything that makes this game revolutionary or "big"

    Looks AWFUL, like a 3rd person legends of grimmock. Doesn't matter how good the graphics are when it looks abhorrently clunky.

    Maybe its just me by endless pitch black corridors with shit lighting are nothing more than a PITA. I don't want realistic, because it means you can't see shit.

    Shame really i was hoping for a nice next gen rpg, (not just visually but gameplay wise).

    For reference i watched him clear 2 "Area"s and kill like 4 trolls and a number of traps. On a side note it reminds me of Dragons dogma which also had fing rubbish combat.

      Maybe its just me by endless pitch black corridors with shit lighting are nothing more than a PITA

      I agree, the combat is also very similar to KEBAB.

        Holy crap. I've seen "pita" so much but never capitalised. Now I realise it stands for pain in the arse.
        I was always wondering if there was some bread metaphor I was missing out on.

        A breadaphor, if you will.

        Last edited 19/09/13 2:50 pm

      Also the combat in Dragon's Dogma was pretty cool I thought, much better than Skyrim, which was total FALAFEL.

        Bun not intended?

          I loaf jokes like this

          We really knead to stop all these bread jokes.

        See i don't think the combat is skyrim is great, but then it doesn't try to be.

        Dragons dogma on the other hand (not sure if i played medium or easy), had me dying nigh instantly to a variety of un avoidable attacks on some of the very first missions. Maybe the area was a higher level (it was a hill into a valley literally to the left after leaving the first town, some bandits or what not)

        So skipped all that crap and went story mission only for the same thing to happen. It was clunky hard to "avoid" damage and even harder to inflict without taking 3x as much. That is not clever design, that's atrocious gameplay.

        Skyrim on the other hand is exactly like that when you max the difficulty, which is why as soon as you do the game becomes awful. If you want enemies to hit like trucks and force the player to "learn" you need to have a system that makes that very easy (not to mention actually possible) otherwise you just piss people off.

        This new game looks identical in that regard, those troll attacks you can't avoid, so he had to "Eat them" to attack back, no skill/finesse/tactics or otherwise can overcome this and you just turn the whole game into a chore.

        That and I REALLY hate corridors that aren't lit properly.

          I see what you're saying, I think i prefer the slightly more 'hack n slash' gameplay as opposed to the clunky Skyrim sorta-realistic style. I liked that I had more choice of moves in DD (lunging slash, skyward slash, shield bashes etc) rather than just left hand swing/right hand swing in Skyrim. Also it felt like your character in DD interacted with the enemies when attacking way more than Skyrim, as Skyrim can feel a bit like you're doing nothing at all to your opponent when attacking, even though when enemies attack you, you get staggered.

          I died waaaaay more in Skyrim than DD. I still hate it when i get all the way through a dungeon in Skyrim, killing everything easily with one hit, then end up getting smoked straight away (even with buffers/potions) by the mini boss at the end, the difficulty seem to be scaled really haphazard. I've only really died in DD when i haven't been paying attention and my whole party has been wiped out and i've been left alone to fight an ogre and a bunch of goblins...

          Dragon's Dogma overall feels a lot more 'generic' than Skyrim, i'm, still playing both (i have VERY LITTLE time at the moment) and enjoy them both for different reasons.

    well at least we all should be happy that PS4 pulling out such beautiful graphics.if same level graphics are pulled out on other games with better game play then we will get an awesome game.

    You guys made me hungry, nuts to you all !

      Careful mentioning hungry and nuts in the same sentence.. you may get roasted!

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