Watch Some Hot Sexy Xbox One Dashboard Action, Right Now

[Update:] The video has since been removed.

Someone with a copy of Ryse and, apparently, an Xbox One or hardware strong enough to run that game, released this video yesterday, showing less about the game and the new console and more about how the dashboard performs on it. Awesome. The Xbox One dashboard. That really moves the needle on my enthusiasm.

Of course there is no gameplay. I've been here five years, and I know that there never is gameplay for this sort of thing. So this amounts to just another hit-and-run demonstration of features you don't give a damn about. Thank you, monotone narrator. Thanks for that namecheck of Bing. Way to sell this thing as not an authorised leak for Microsoft.

The account holder has published two videos and made two comments in his eight months on YouTube, which may or may not be relevant to your evaluation of this video's credibility.

I've sent an email to a Microsoft representative on a weekend (entire message body: "Is this real? OSG,") so I can get, by tomorrow, when you've forgotten about this, the obligatory no-comment reply. Meantime speculate all you like as to what this actually reveals, which is zero.

Xbox One Dashboard Leak — Version 2 [NeoGaf]

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    Look at all that ad space to be filled with ads even after paying for a Gold membership.


    For anyone that still wants to watch it.

    Look at the typical apathy/negativity from the US Kotaku journalist - way to do your job Owen :)

      Of course if he had said anything remotely positive, that would have just reinforced the viewpoint that Kotaku does nothing but gently tongue Microsoft's balls. These guys just can't win.

        No I'm not talking about MS vs Sony (I could care less) - it's the slight apathy and negative spin on articles that don't need it. I may just becoming old and "don't get the current gen" though :)

        I'm enthusiastic about lots of the happenings in the games industry at the moment (new GTA, Oculus, New consoles and end of year games launches) - not sure why games reporters aren't feeling a tad enthusiastic when they report this stuff but instead feel inclined to add a hearty 'meh' to most things...

        Last edited 09/09/13 12:18 pm

          Just saying, many readers of Kotaku US see a Microsoft vs. Sony debate in everything, and Kotaku has a reputation for favouring the Xbox. Sometimes I think the air of indifference is an attempt to keep people from complaining about bias.

    It's hard to tell if this is sarcasm or not: Thanks for that namecheck of Bing. Way to sell this thing as not an authorised leak for Microsoft.

    The guy in the video says that Bing is garbage. Why would a controlled leak say something like that?

    Apart from the Windows 8 inspired dashboard, it's not too shabby.

    But as someone on NeoGAF said, if you're using kinect to scroll through it, it may be more palatable.

    in case anyone is wondering, Ryse, isnt actually a full version, its a demo. notice the text when he pauses it? im going to take a stab in the dark and say that the xbone comes with the ryse demo preloaded on the HDD's

    Stolen from a games convention perhaps?

    Alot of the people who work conventions are one off contractors.

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