Watch Sony Japan's Press Conference Live At 4pm Sydney Time

Live streaming video by Ustream Today, at 4pm, SCE Japan is holding a press conference and there are rumblings that some exciting news is about to be announced. We have absolutely no specifics on what will be announced, but I think this might be worth watching anyway!

Of course it's easy to jump to big (possibly) stupid conclusions — The Last Guardian for the PS4 is my big stupid conclusion of choice — but I'm guessing the reality may be a little bit less exciting. The official word from Sony is that the press conference is specifically tailored for "announcements of interest to Japanese gamers" so it might be useful for us to temper our expectations just a little.

Regardless, you can watch it here and, if you choose to do so: get hype.

In the meantime, feel free to discuss possibilities in the comments below.


    If they announce the oculus rift type of thingy then they win the next gen.

    A wishful thought, but a free 1 year subscription to PS+ would be nice for day 1 buyers.

    But considering launch consoles are pretty much sold out I doubt they need to entice anyone new.

      Maybe they'll make that rumoured bundle (PS4 + Killzone + extra controller + camera) official. Although Killzone seems an unlikely choice for Japan.

      they announced free 3 months to vita purchasers so far. i missed the beginning of the ps3 section so i don't know.

    VR headset for ps4.

    I believe the live stream for this also supports English subtitles from what I've heard. So it may be something of interest to us other than a probable Japan ps4 release date

      Since the console is region free, no doubt there will gamers from over the world watching hoping that some Japanese only games they are interested in will be coming out!

        I'm exactly the same way looking forward to see if anything exciting is announced. Especially since it seems we will be able to understand what is being said thanks to the subtitles

    I think it may be the new ps vita with 6 inchs, more RAM and HDMI that people were talking about. What I wanted to see in this new PS vita is 4G, 64 GB inside and please, fix the triggers!! More games would be welcome as well.

    That VR headset? Maybe Japan will get it first? Or get to try it out? Or something? I just want its existence confirmed by Sony.

    Guessing time!

    New PS Vita SKU, which will also be available in a bundle with the PS4!

      Called it on the new Vita!

        I missed the first half - what were the details on the new sku?

          15% thinner, 10% lighter, MicroUSB2 charger connector, 5-inch LED not OLED screen.

          Plus memory card drop. 32 gig down to 66% of original price, new 64G announced.

          Oh, and six new colours. Plus a FFX/-2 skin version, and a Soul Sacrifice 2 skinned version.

    Guessing some more gundam games, a few unannounced JRPGs as there is a dearth of titles so far ...Throw in another Monster Hunter wannabe and I think you''ll have it!

    Backward compatibility is probably as wishful as wishful thinking could get...

    Digging the music.

      Seriously, I'd love to play a new version of Ecco or some other water-chill-out game with this music for several hours.

    lol i cry the dub suck

      Uhhh, the people are interpreting the japanese live.

    Watching this makes me mourn the NBN :( ...cacheing...

      Turnbull has enough to access his emails on his ipad so you have plenty internets

      I hear ya. Played perfectly here in HK....1GB ftth here.

      funny, didn't have any caching on my ADSL2+ connection in rural nsw.

        Wouldn't a consistent connection for most of Australians via FTTH be great?

    The PSV section was pretty impressive by itself.

    This is turning out to be a really good conference.

    The music during the game montage is terrible!
    But I suppose it could be worse. If it was a Western presentation it would be full of dubstep and explosions.

    Uh, Uh, uh, and uh, uh, uhhhh, uhh, more uhhh, value for uhh money, uh. OMG it's unbearable!

    EDIT: yay a new interpreter :)

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      "ratchet and crank". hirarious.

      Last edited 09/09/13 5:30 pm

    I live in Japan so I'm really disappointed with the release date (22 February 2014). I was planning to buy the console here and import the games from Australia. I guess their localising efforts weren't keeping up with pace, or they couldn't prepare enough consoles and wanted to concentrate on bleeding sales from Microsoft in NA and EU (everyone knows that Xbox doesn't do well here). I did think about importing the console, but the shipping fees are killer so I'll just have to wait I guess...

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