Watch The New Metal Gear Solid V Demo For Yourself

Kotaku‘s impressions of the MGSV side ops demo sounded pretty darn cool. But nothing can beat eyes-on impressions with your own eyes. Nothing.

The side ops demo is a little over 12 minutes and shows off MGSV‘s tagging function. It’s a bit like the system used in Far Cry 3, but minus the tigers.



  • Man I wish they made more animations for CQC. It was one of the best things about playing MGS3 for the first time. Now it’s just judo throws, and the other conventional stuff. even though I don’t like playing aggressively in Splinter Cell Blacklist, the killing in motion animations are amazing to look at. So much so, they entice you to play that way.

    • CQC is far more in depth in now than it’s ever been.

      In MGS3 you had 2 options: Punch Punch Kick, and CQC slam into the ground. In addition you could count choke outs, throat slits, and interrogations. Which are also in this game.

      Now you have an extensive amount of flashy fluid melee hits you can chain and finish with a slam.
      There’s also the standalone slam, takedowns from behind obstacles, pulling people off of ledges/towers, CQC disarm and shoot, and the flashier Peace Walker throws.

      Sure I’d like the inclusion of some of the various takedown animations found in SC Blacklist, but MGSV has more than enough development in the CQC aspect of the game that not only has it’s own identity, but also looks really fun to play. Big Boss right now truly feels more formidable than he’s ever been. At his peak.

  • Looks fantastic just like how MGS should be. The tagging makes the stealth a little bit easy though. I used to hide at corners for a few minutes just to wait for the perfect time to move.

  • Man, I thought the CQC slams sounded painful when they were over-the-top power moves like in MGS3, 4, and Peace Walker. Now that it sounds REAL, it almost sounds too brutal.

  • 1. Button prompts for CQC should go away, at least a option to disable would do.
    2. I don’t mind viewing the tagged enemy on idroid but seeing through walls is utter non sense.
    3. Regen needs a fix.
    4. I want MGS5 to be more like MGS 3 not like peace walker
    other than that i happy with the product, i see lot of improvements

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