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The original Robocop is one of my favourite movies ever made. It was the first R18+ movie I ever watched (as a child, stupidly!) and it was a series responsible for one my all time favourite arcade games. I've been deathly afraid of the new remake of Robocop ever since it was announced. I'm not sure if this new trailer for the movie has changed my mind, but it has made me curious.

If anything the trailer does a decent job of justifying the new suit design (which I hated, and now feel like I can tolerate). It's definitely a movie trailer — guns get fired, explosions explode, people say dramatic things — and its easy to be cynical, but I think I might just give this a second chance.

I'm sure it'll still be a bit naff though!


    It looks like another lifeless, grim-dark remake of an eighties classic. I can't understand how anyone could watch Conan, or Total Recall, or Robocop, and not realise that the strength of those films are how stupid they are.

      Mmmmm, yeah the cheesiness is what makes them great to rewatch, but by the same token that's because it's so obvious that they're cheesy due to the constraints of the time (ED209 for example). I'm not totally against the reboots to be honest. Sure they're not going to live on as long as their dodgier ancestors. However, they're still a bit of fun to watch :)

      Also Gary Oldman & Michael Keaton. WOOO!!!

        'cheesy due to the constraints of the time'

        Yeah no. The film is about a jesus-like robotic cop. It's a totally dumbass concept that worked because the director saw it for what it was and made it a parody of corporate culture.

          Ease up turbo :P But you're right it's the whole "standing up for the common man" type situation + the overly satirized corporate entities that make a lot of those 80s films just shine. But again, I will probably go see it. I'll make sure I switch off my brain before I go in though ;)

          Slightly off topic, but a remake nonetheless, what were your thoughts on the 2 Star Trek reboots?

            I'll probably go see it too for all my bitching. I just find it super weird that they don't seem to understand why people like these films at all. It's not like Robocop wasn't a massive success at the time.

            With regards to Star Trek, the first one didn't really capture what I liked about the original series, which is the conversations between logic (Spock), emotion (Bones) and judgement (Kirk). I felt the second film did a better job of that, and I like how they subverted the old films. I think that Abrahams' basically gets it - he just feels he needs to add bang-bang for a modern audience.

              Good summary. I just went squee with all the references in both films. Makes me do a little fist pump when they acknowledge the source material. The trailer for robocop does do that a little bit but yeah... I want more omnicorp stuff to chuckle at :D

        If you re-watch Robocop, you can see many examples of it being deliberately cheesy. The TV ads are a prime example.

      this is gonna be bad as the total recall remake

      I agree. It looks like from this trailer that they're playing it straight faced too, super serious. And that's completely missing the point. Robocop had such a comical nature to it, it was dark and super violent but always took the time to make jokes and remind you not to take it too seriously.

    Dear god, that looks awful. They'd have been better off making a film that played on similar themes in some what and developing an original property. This just looks, as thom said, like a lifeless copy and not a good one.

      While I don't like the look of this trailer, it's almost impossible for a blockbuster to make money unless it's PG these days. The original's R-rating came from its over-the-top ultraviolence. Now, even Murphy's death is PG-13 via car bomb, as opposed to brutal dismemberment.

      It looks like every other original movie passed through Hollywood's digestive system of targeted demographics, focus groups, and marketers so it looks completely generic. Will this Robocop have the infamous car scene? Bitches leave? ED-209 shooting up the board room? I'll buy that for a dollar? Doubt it. It's a shameless attempt at exploiting a beloved IP for a quick buck.

      Amusingly, the crime problem in the trailer's Detroit is so bad it necessitates the use of Robocops, drones and mechs, despite looking much cleaner and safer than actual 2013 Detroit.

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    He doesnt move right
    He moved like a man wearing a Robo-Cop suit
    The original really gave you that feeling that he was Robo-Cop

    This is gonna suuuuuuuuuuuuck like the Total Recall and Red Dawn remakes. It gives off an action movie for the sake of an action movie, stripped bare of the themes and content the originals had that made them so memorable.

    Plus, no Miguel Ferrer nor Kurtwood Smith. :(

      I never saw the red dawn remake. Is it laughable? I watched the original again a month ago and it's pretty awesome :D

        You know what? Only watch it if you can get it for free. Even then you'll still feel cheated. It's pretty bad. Just terrible really. Like Homefront bad. The original is superior by far.

        The Red Dawn remake is possibly the worst of the "Dark n' Gritty" remakes and that's saying something. The male lead is probably the worst actor I've ever seen this generation, none of the characters are likeable, the invaders are laughably, North Korean, etc.

      Kurtwood Smith's performance was off the fricking chain in the original!

    For all the naysayers, while I'm not one to care for remakes, noone's forcing you to watch them either. Settle petals, if other people go watch it it's no skin off your back

      While I usually don't care also I know why so many do. Many of these naysayers actually do want a remake but of course because the property is so dear and nostalgic it must be done perfectly and in line with what they want. They can't just ignore it either, because millions of dollars aren't spent to make a good remake the same year as the bad one.

    I'll definitely see it. But what really irritated me was that he seemed way too human from the moment he woke up as a robot.

    The irony being that Detroit now is pretty much in the state Detroit was supposed to be in the original Robocop.

    I'll hire that!, for a dollar.

      Ladies and gentlemen, we have the winner of today's best comment.

    RoboIronManCop, it's wonder they didn't change Alex's name to Anthony.

    lol, sry Mark, got to the links at the bottom of the page and I think I prefer gizmodo's analysis.....

    Looks and acts too human out of the box.

    Also better be R rated. Sick of the PG crap. Total Recall I'm looking at you.

    It is the decade of superheros and reboots after all. The well has run dry my friends

    This looks awful, even more so by the fact they're trying to make him look modern and stylish in black armour... Not to mention to horrible digital voice. Who the hell is the nobody they hired to play Alex Murphy, and why is Murphy not being shot a rediculous amount of times?... A car bomb, are you freaking kidding me.

    On a slightly unrelated note, last years Dredd was actually far superior to Stallone's version, which was a garbage movie.... There's no hope for this one though.

    These films suck be cause they lack the Propaganda that Paul Verhoeven put into the originals. He's a master at making propaganda clips. just look at the SPF3000+ ad from Robocop, the Rekall ads from Total Recall, or the Starship Troopers propaganda clips. It's brilliant, ironic, hillarious, and scary. That's why these films are shit and have no soul, it's not good ebough to have a three titted woman, she has to be trashy and selling you the goods. The world around it should draw you into the narrative that things are fucked up. Not just aww the future is sleek and shiny with a slight police state bent.

      Yeah, I bet this flick has none of that signature dark humour in it. I bet it's as serious and boring as question time at parliament.

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    I can't say it looks good or bad, but it does look more interesting then some of the other remakes in the past couple of years.
    one for rental maybe

    It looks like a souless remake. Hollywood seems intent on exploiting everything with a trademark on it in stead of coming up with an original idea. Yesterday it was books and comics, today it's movies based on board games, once Hollywood has rebooted every IP in existence, will our kids be watching movies based on memes? Forever Alone 2: The Alonening, anyone?

    I don't mind remakes, but I want them to be remade because someone actually wants to make the film, not some suit diligently going through every IP they can because it makes more business sense to build from a brand, no matter how vague. The suits grab an IP and then begin funding it and attaching people to the project and basically fund it into existence. It's basically the reverse of how art should be created.

    Also, I don't need to see this film because, as is the style right now, the trailer already gave me the plot.

    I'm really looking forward to this after watching the trailer. I loved the first one for what it is and that won't change.

    Though I will hold out on whether I think it will be a great reboot (i.e. Dredd) or another flop (i.e. Total Recall) until it comes out.

    But this trailer gives me hope it will be a good movie, and absolutely loved that they cameo'ed the original Robocop design in there too lol :)

      Robocop's gun was part of the costume its a shame they messed with it.

      An explosion is not any where near as a violent or fitting a death as being blown away by 5 crazy drug fucked gangsters with fully automatics and shotguns.

      Wrong gun, no r18+ death scene = horrible

      ED209 = win
      "dead or alive your coming with me" = win

      Will still watch it but i wont be happy about it

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    Look, I think the trailer looked awesome. I don't like many movies but this legitimately had a good vibe to me. Those that keep saying its not like the old one why bother making a new one. Those people just need to wake up, its not 1989 anymore. Your past is still available, no one is deleting that. Let a new generation enjoy something you did. So many more people will be exposed to this story and enjoy it. What's wrong with that?

    Thank our Movie Gods that the Escape from New York remake was canned. I have a feeling that this remake will be more about Robo and his family and less about the cheese and the action. I guess the cheese has gone out of Hollywood.

    Dear Hollywood:.......Fuck you!..seriously FUCK YOU!

    Bad actor choice, bad redesign of helmet.. yeh.. this is going to make me cringe throughout. I'm sure the kids who haven't seen the original will love it.. like they loved the new Star Trek movies.. but it's not for me.

    I hate the flesh hand because of what it represents, robocop is no longer haunted by the fact he cannot touch anyone, they turned the iconic pistol into a submachine gun,

    Thanks for ruining my favourite franchise.

    I'd buy that for a dollar! Is what I would say if it didn't look like a sanitised, no fun remake.

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