Watch This Street Racer Escape From A Police Helicopter, Grand Theft Auto Style

Whenever we get to watch some real life crazy driving antics, it's usually from the perspective of a police camera and (thankfully) the idiots usually get caught. This video? It's recorded from the perspective of a 'street racer' trying to escape from a police helicopter, Grand Theft Auto style, with a GoPro stuck to the side of his car.

But first a caveat: illegal street racing is dumb. It's super dumb. It doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look like an idiot. And if I see you doing it on the road so help me God I will beep my horn very loudly in disapproval.

The weird thing about this video is that the techniques I often employ to escape a police helicopter in GTA IV seem to sort of work pretty well in real life. First the guy breaks the line of sight (by going under a bridge or a tunnel) and then tries to escape the eyeballs of the chopper by moving elsewhere.

I'm reluctant to say that this video is cool. But it's sort of cool.

Street Racer Running From Police Helicopter Is Like GTA In Real Life [Jalopnik]


    Its not like they had cops on the ground chasing them...By the looks of things he didn't lose the chopper it just flew away, the police were successful they forced the street racers to disperse simply by shining a light on them...

    Well they must have got his number plate. Thats the only thing that would stop me from running from a chopper.

    Decent cars I counted an Evo and a 300zx. The rest were a bunch of hatches or family cars with exhausts. If you're prepared to run from the cops, why the hell have numberplate lights either, and why do these idiots record themselves doing this, you're offering the proof to be convicted!

    I'm honestly shocked that you'd post this. Giving these morons any kind of spotlight (which they want) is just so irresponsible. So many innocent people are killed by the reckless actions of selfish & dimwitted oxygen-wasters like this & you think it's "sort of cool"?

    Mark Serrels, I'm speechless.

    What a joke... Schumacher wouldn't be able to out run a Kia Rio in these ricer piece of crap cars, let alone a helicopter. Why would they waste the cop cars arresting them when they can just shine a light on them and they scatter like cockroaches in cars that can barely get 10kmh over the speed limit.

    "How do we make this about video games? Oh, it's kinda like GTA kinda, maybe, sort of"

    Except it's kinda not. Maybe the bad parking resembles GTA, or maybe you're the boringest GTA drivers.


    Comparing stupidity like street racing to Grand Theft Auto is EXACTLY the same as blaming gun violence on Grand Theft Auto. See the problem here? We, the gamers, are not the ones out there breaking the laws, yet its the comparisons blindly made that makes all of us seem like that gaming influence's our real life actions (Which we KNOW does not).

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