Welcome Back Space Games. I've Missed You.

My growing years were dominated by space flight games. X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer. It's been a sad, lonely gaming existence without them over the past decade or so, so it's just the best to see the genre making a spirited comeback.

Star Citizen looks great, CCP's EVE shooter is a dream come true and even X Rebirth is pushing my buttons.

Joining the list - though in many ways it started it, since it was announced years ago - is this footage of the new Elite game, Elite: Dangerous.

This footage, of a space battle, looks fantastic! Pity then that it's a glorified mock-up, a pitch project that helped secure the game's composer and also help the artists and designers nail a few things down.

Digging the Battlestar Galactica shaky-cam. Hope that makes the final product.


    holy fucking pretty

    Hopefully this will kick off a revival of the Wing Commander series. I really hope so...

      If it does it will be a while away...
      Chris Roberts is too busy making Star Citizen.

        You forgot:

        Which looks amaaaaaazing

          Agreed - I'm especially hopeful with the added Oculus Rift support
          The demo of First Law in the Rift with a Hotas joystick is the goods... some of the most fun I've had in a game ever and it is just a demo

      Check out Wing Commander Saga. Its a Freespace standalone mod that apparently got really good reviews.
      I haven't had time to check it out myself though.

    Personally I'm hoping for a space shooter like that, set in the Mass Effect universe. Perhaps set during the human / Turian first contact war.

    Freelancer or bust, though this does look pretty sweet

    Maybe Lucasarts will see there's a market for these kind of games and release a new X-Wing or TIE Fighter game. Hahahahahahhahaha

    ...I made myself sad.

    Your growing years were not dominated by Freelancer, thus you have failed.

      Settle down there, Freelancer...Alpha 1...dash...1
      I'm scanning your cargo hold.

      Freelancer was one of the greatest games of my childhood, but even then, X-wing, Wing Commander and all those others are just as golden.

      Last edited 17/09/13 9:03 am

        Privateer for me. Laid the groundwork for freelancer which was awesome..

        Don't mistake me sirs, my intention was not to denigrate the others, but to point out the omission of the one. Although I must say, for myself, Freelancer stands on a lofty pillar all of its own.

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