Well, OK. Maybe This Is A More Typical Day With PlayStation.

The other day we ran a PlayStation ad that gave us a tease of what life with a PS4 and PlayStation Vita could be like. I, for one, was pumped. Gamesies: The Show brings us a most excellent parody of that ad, playfully reminding us that things aren't always so rosy in the land of PlayStation.

Sobering, but also kind of hilarious. Still...one could argue this is exactly the sort of thing next gen PlayStation products aim to fix. But until the PS4 launches, the stuff in this video, woefully, is the sort of thing a PlayStation owner has to endure. Alas!

A (Tues)Day with PlayStation (Gamesies DLC #5) [Gamesies]


    Anyone else get that "No shit" feeling when they showed the iPhone and the vita?

    You don't have a choice of what you're going take when you go out if it's between a phone and a game console.

    P.S I always pick 3DS for that streetpass hits.

      I always take everything. Backpack containing my Sony Tablet S, 2x Vita + Games, iPhone and Galaxy 3, 2x earphones and wallet. Never caught short :-)

        2 Vitas?

          For ad hoc, and also it's easier than changing memory cards, which messes up all the bubbles :-(

    I recently did a Data Transfer between my old and my new PS3s. I had to do a 'reverse' trophy sync between PSN and my new PS3 so that the trophies list would be stored locally. I'm not kidding, it took over 40 minutes and got to about 85% before 'ERROR'. I decided to leave it to the auto-update to do at 2am. The Data Transfer itself went off without a hitch and took around 2 hours for ~100GB of data.

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