Well, This Celebration Certainly Just Got Awkward

Well This Celebration Certainly Just Got Awkward

Beating the world's best StarCraft II player at this weekends Dreamhack tournament? No problem! Doing a proper traditional champagne celebration after the finals? Nope! It presented some difficulties and awkward moments for Korean terran player Liquid Taeja and Dreamhack boss Robert Ohlén — who came to help out — to open the giant champagne. It's not an easy task!

Well This Celebration Certainly Just Got Awkward

And this is not the first time something like this has happened in a StarCraft tourney. Other pros, like Leenock and HerO, also had a hard time doing a proper champagne-pop celebration:

Go to the 1:20:00 spot in the video below. HyuN shows us how to do it:

Dreamhack champagne bottle opening [imgur, via r/starcraft] w


    Was it awkward because the cork broke, or was it....because of...other.....reasons.

      It certainly does look...awkward... Although it probably would have looked even more awkward if the champagne had gone off after that... >_>

    I think I'm going to buy myself a bottle of nice champagne for my next birthday so I can do this (successfully.) I've just realised it is something I need to do in life.

      I know its a bucket list thing but does it have to be expensive? cheap bottle to spray nice bottle to drink?

    The easiest way to do this is remove the cork THAN shake with your thumb over the top to reduce the size of the neck. I worked in a bar and had fun with leftover bottles. if you shake it up before and take too long to open it the bubbles and gas will all go to the top and the explode and leave nothing left to spray people with.

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