Well, This Celebration Certainly Just Got Awkward

Well, This Celebration Certainly Just Got Awkward

Beating the world’s best StarCraft II player at this weekends Dreamhack tournament? No problem! Doing a proper traditional champagne celebration after the finals? Nope! It presented some difficulties and awkward moments for Korean terran player Liquid Taeja and Dreamhack boss Robert Ohlén — who came to help out — to open the giant champagne. It’s not an easy task!

And this is not the first time something like this has happened in a StarCraft tourney. Other pros, like Leenock and HerO, also had a hard time doing a proper champagne-pop celebration:

Go to the 1:20:00 spot in the video below. HyuN shows us how to do it:

Dreamhack champagne bottle opening [imgur, via r/starcraft]


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