Jeopardy Video Game Question Is… Weird

Oh dear, Alex Trebek. Why did you ask a group of children that question?

For starters, it's incredibly obscure. Would kids really know about the Katamari games? And then there's your phrasing, which is just kinda, well, off.

Jeopardy Video Game Question Is… Weird

G0d, those kids look so confused.

(Clip via Jeopardy)

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    Unless they'd actually heard of the game before there was no way that they would ever get that!

      You could argue that about literally every question ever asked.

      "But how can I add up if I've never in heard of mathematics?!"

        You could argue that, yes. Although if you were that kind of person you probably shouldn't be on a quiz show.

    Am I the only one with a big huge empty white space at the top and no idea what's going on?

      Like under the title? If so there is a video there, or at least there should be a video there.

        Yeah. Under the author bar, I just see "Poster" in bold, and then a big, empty, video-sized space before "Oh dear". Odd. Guess firefox just doesn't like it for whatever reason.

    If there's meant to be a video then it isn't working.

    Google Chrome.

    Video is working fine for me on Firefox. For those who can't see it the answer (not the question, because that's how Jeopardy works, Chris) is:
    On Sony's PS Vita you can play "Touch My" this Japanese word & roll balls of increasing size around landscapes.

    I don't get hwere the "touch my" comes in?
    Katamari means something along the line of 'ball of stuff' or 'collection'
    Damashi means like 'soul'. I think if you use different kanji it can mean 'deceptive'.

    Can anyone tell me what I've missed here?

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