What Are You Playing This Weekend

Usually I open this post with a caveat: I'm doing something with family, I won't be able to play many games, etc. This weekend? I have no excuse. I have the house to myself. My wife is taking the little guy on a trip. I have games, space and nothing but time.

At this stage the only problem is deciding what to play!

I think I'm going to play it by ear. I really, really want to finish The Last Of Us because it's somewhat of a disgrace that I haven't done so yet, I'll also possibly finish off Brothers, because it's short and I'm near the end. But after that? I think I'll play a Wii game! Either Pikmin 3 or The Wonderful 101 I think.

Man, I'm looking forward to this weekend!

What are you guys and girls playing?


    Will probably finish DmC and then will enjoy the calm before the storm before GTA5/Wind Waker/Beyond: Two Souls.

      I'm going to be beating @dc's scores in Rayman Legends. Also Monaco is cheap on XBLA right now, so I've bought it and plan to play through with my brother.

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        Seriously blown away at your times in the Challenge Mode, man. You gots skills!

          That gamepad is not good for speed running, though. My arm hurts!

        Can you beat mine? I usually become ranked number 1 before someone from Italy takes it over by a few milliseconds :P

          Dunno. If you're saying that, probably not. Haven't managed to get a platinum cup yet. I'm on Wii U, so add me if you can.

    This weeks "Big Question" of Sierra v Lucas Arts has tickled my Retro Bones
    I have just downloaded Quest For Glory 1-5 from GoG

    Games, space and nothing but time? Come over for board games!

    We'll have cake and yelling at politicians!

    I'll be playing board games, yelling at politicians and possibly a little Dark Souls if I can find time.

      Fuck politicians. I'm not even going to yell at them. My plan is to ignore it all day tomorrow, then check the Internet at some point on Sunday.

      EDIT: Not going to put stuff that causes it to degenerate into an off-topic partisan argument.

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        I didn't want to but apparently it's an election tradition for @freya, so I'm just going to embrace it.

          You might as well. Election time is the only time they might actually listen.

            People can hear me through the TV?

            That's a little awkward.

              Yeah. Those movies you watch when you're alone? Unpleasant.

    Wonderful 101! Hopefully finish it off this weekend. Besides that? Probably some of the usual Borderlands 2 and Payday 2

      Good old Payday 2, where the content is lacking and the patches ruin the game and yet we still keep going.

        Thats what im playing, i WILL get the guessing game achievment even if i have to reprogram the game itself to give it to me.

        55 attempts and not ONCE have i managed to get even 1 correct wire cut, its sooo incredibly frustrating

        And some FF14

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    I will be playing work, interspersed with sleep.

    If I get any time for games, I'll probably start a playthrough of GTA: San Andreas.

    Maybe i'll finish Bioshock Infinite, I just did that gunsmith bit...

    Nah who am I kidding? It will be FF14....

    I'll be playing which douche bag should I vote for?

      kevin for the nbn please

        Yeah I don't normally vote labor but I will be....i want good internet too

      NBN and Superannuation increase will have the long term benefit to us young people if your off the "why do they only think 3 years forward" mindset. Assuming your are in your 20's at worst.

    Just grabbed 400 Days on sale. Might just smash my way through that. I don't want to invest in anything too big with GTA V on the horizon.

      400 Days will take you about an hour and a half max, just FYI. :)

    Going to push through and finish Lost & Damned so I can start on something else, probably Ballad of Gay Tony.

    Kind of lost interest in War Thunder and apparently the last patch borked it, so I'm taking a longish break to see how my feelings settle.

      I enjoyed TBOGT a lot more than TLAD. Both were great additions though. Both story's were great but I think it's my hatred of Harleys and the like that hindered my enjoyment of TLAD.

    Other than working and voting for some stupid election.....I want to keep playing the Last Of Us - haven't been able to play it due to my nephew being over for the last 2 weeks

    I'm currently playing through the new Tomb Raider, so I'll continue that. Though I won't have a heck of a lot of gaming time this weekend.

    RAYMAN! (Origins)

    Four worlds down, 100%. And I'm in love with that water music. Gotta rip that soundtrack CD and add it to the thingplaces.

    But after that? I think I’ll play a Wii game! I apologise for my stereotyping, but I found this highly amusing since in my head it came out in a Scottish brogue and read "But after that? I think I'll play a wee game."

    As for me, I'll be playing some HyperDimension Neptunia: Victory and Rayman: Legends. I'll also get in some Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention and possibly some Shantae or maybe some Street Gangs.

    Saint Row 4... but I've got to do my uni assignments first.

    Finish off Oracle of Ages, then on to Ghost Trick! My goal is to do as much Shameless Gaming as I can between now and the time the PS4 hits.

    I'll be playing through the best game imaginable.

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Spelunky, unless the Rome II patch that's supposed to be out ~today comes through.

    On Saturday night I'll be playing 'watch dem seats fall' (I don't barrack for one or the other but I do love a good change of government)

    The rest of the Weekend I'll be playing Spies vs Mercs!

    sentinels: heroes of the multiverse card game game of thrones board game chuthu flux plus a heap more. massive nerd gaming weekend planned

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    Rayman. And Spelunky. Just reached the Ice Caves for the first time. Man I never thought I'd see the Ice Caves...

    Also, I too need to push further with The Last of Us. Maybe I'll drown my inevitable election misery by being constantly eaten by f****** Clickers.

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    Will be looking at Killzone Mercenary as the primary game of choice this weekend.

    Though, there is alot of family activity this weekend, so who knows what will happen, just know that the election will not be on the viewing agenda.

    Okami HD, the last thing on my pile of shame before GTA-V comes out believe it or not.

    Enjoying Okami so far, it's so wholesome!

    I'll be finishing off Doom 3: BFG Edition, hopefully. My son finished it in 7.5 hours and at 11:00 hours I'm still bl00dy going (both on Veteran). Don't know what the hell I've been doing for the extra hours....

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